Monday, June 6, 2011

quebec winter carnival

quebec winter carnival. story on winter carnivals
  • story on winter carnivals

  • trekkie604
    Mar 16, 10:31 PM
    129.4/L Regular

    489.83/US Gal...

    quebec winter carnival. Québec Winter Carnival
  • Québec Winter Carnival

  • takao
    Mar 16, 09:44 AM
    Excuse me, I was talking about consumer pickup trucks, not large16+ Ton HD shipping trucks.

    well you said "large" trucks ;)

    the problem with pick up market is that the US manufacturers still have problems of selling theirs worldwide in emerging markets opposed to toyota etc.

    and in europe and japan there simply is not much of demand for them apart of the novelty factor

    edit: one of the problems of the US car industry sometimes is the thinking of a "this years model" which from time to time surfaces again and again, Perhaps not so much with the companies but with consumers.

    quebec winter carnival. winter Carnaval in Quebec?
  • winter Carnaval in Quebec?

  • batchtaster
    Apr 5, 12:17 PM
    This is the primary design flaw with the iPad. This tablet can't be the normal person's computer unless every normal person has a tech friend/relative to keep the tablet working/updated. So while Woz is correct that the tablet will be the normal person's computer, Apple's iPad is not yet that tablet.

    What iPad user can't figure out how to use iTunes to sync the thing? My 65-year old mother figured out how to sync her iPod classic. How is iPad syncing any different or more complicated than what people have been doing for a decade? iPad does not require a tech genius - or 12 year old kid - to keep it working.

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  • City Winter Carnival,

  • Oli3000
    Apr 20, 01:02 PM
    Intel HD 3000 + Backlit Keyboard = two wastes of money.

    Doesn't bother me. I am always a bit bemused by the obsession with the backlit keyboard - I know plenty of people that turn it off! As long as I can find one key in the dark, I can find every other - and the space bar is hard to miss!


    quebec winter carnival. Snow Palace, Québec Carnival
  • Snow Palace, Québec Carnival

  • SuperCachetes
    Apr 8, 05:09 PM
    It should be offence, if anything, as in throwing their weight about the World.

    That's clever there, that is. ;)

    quebec winter carnival. the Quebec Winter Carnival
  • the Quebec Winter Carnival

  • wnowickiz1
    May 1, 09:22 AM
    Is the best, then.


    quebec winter carnival. the Winter carnival.
  • the Winter carnival.

  • mj1108
    Apr 20, 01:28 AM
    Are they given a formal training by apple? Even if they are, every approvers view will be slightly different.....perhaps this app was one that should have been approved from the start but was rejected by an approver who likes to abuse power?

    This makes me wonder...and I apologize if this info is out there somewhere that I haven't seen yet....but do we know exactly what process Apple uses to approve apps? How many people see/try/evaluate the app during the approval process? The way it sounds it's as though there's a ton of apps in a large queue and an intern grabs one, tries it, thinks "this looks good" or "this can't pass", puts a stamp on it and goes to the next.

    quebec winter carnival. the Quebec Winter Carnival
  • the Quebec Winter Carnival

  • tarproductions
    Apr 21, 01:16 PM
    Could be the Devs Apple will invite on stage at WWDC in June? Apple giving the Devs time to prep?


    quebec winter carnival. Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec
  • Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec

  • Apple OC
    Mar 11, 01:16 PM
    most products "Made in the USA" are excellent quality

    quebec winter carnival. THE QUÉBEC WINTER CARNIVAL - A

  • aafuss1
    Nov 14, 09:37 AM
    I wonder if British Airways and Qantas wil offer this. After all it's one up on Zune.


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  • Quebec Winter Festival Photo

  • kev0476
    Sep 25, 10:33 PM
    whenever i hear podcast i immediately think of apple, so why is apple shutting down free advertising?

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  • Quebec Winter Carnival (or

  • Bubba Satori
    Mar 25, 12:29 PM
    Darn greedy company.

    Don't talk about iApple that way.


    quebec winter carnival. quebec winter carnival.
  • quebec winter carnival.

  • tyr2
    Sep 20, 01:50 PM
    I've read the various comments about problems with the updates with RAID 0. Can anyone confirm if the update goes ok on RAID 1? I would think it would since from a boot point of view they might as well be individual disks.

    Any comments before I try this?

    quebec winter carnival. the Quebec Winter Carnival
  • the Quebec Winter Carnival

  • Rodimus Prime
    May 2, 12:21 PM
    end result no real change. Someone else will rise up and take his place.

    Real question is will the replacement be worse than the the first.


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  • Quebec Winter Carnival I

  • foulmouthedleon
    Apr 27, 10:54 AM
    Backlit keyboard. It wouldn't be so much of a big deal if they didn't have it to begin with, then they removed that option. If they bring it back, I'll get rid of my MBP and go back to an Air.

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  • Quebec Winter Carnival Opening

  • RacerX
    Sep 13, 08:07 AM
    The last time I had surgery (January 2, 1986) I was knocked out via IV.

    As for what it felt like...

    They had put the IV in before I had gone into surgery, and it really wasn't that bad. When the doctor and his assistant showed up the anesthesiologist let me know that it was time.

    He ask me to start counting backwards from 100. I felt a warm sensation moving up my arm from the IV and then into my chest. A moment later I felt like I was walking out of a fog... but I wasn't, I was lying in recovery... and I got sick.

    It took a few minutes to finally become completely cognizant of my surroundings, but all and all it wasn't a bad experience. The time for the surgery was completely gone (as if it hadn't happened). It felt like (going from fully awake before the surgery back to fully awake again after) it had only taken a couple minutes (the surgery was about 4 hours as I recall).


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  • BklynKid
    Jun 10, 11:53 AM
    It took a "research firm" to figure this out? I don't know why people were expecting Verizon to get it before T-mobile. All carriers will get it eventually but it makes only sense that the one also using the GSM network will get it first.

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  • The Quebec Winter Carnival#39;s

  • kupua
    Jan 4, 09:41 PM
    Wow, all the critical reviews to pay or not to pay, pre installed or dl on the fly. As I see it, both have draw backs as mentioned, but my general pref, is that it should dl at least your surrounding area. So Garmin (39.99), Tom Tom (39.99), Navigon (44.99), Google (free), Motion X ($2.99) etc. for US major apps.

    And yet not one sole mentions Map Quest 4 Mobile (free), dl on the fly and I have never had an outage issue.

    I do prefer a stand alone gps though. Therefore I don't see spending more for a secondary gps/backup on my mobile.

    And for what its worth, currently using a Garmin 265WT, with traffic. I do have some slant toward Garmin as I use a eTrex Vista. On the iPhone I have all the bold apps. I prefer the Map Quest of all the boldfaced ones.

    Changing gears on subject, GPS IIF, SV-1 launched end of May 2010 and SV-2 soon, accuracy will only get better!

    quebec winter carnival. Winter Carnival in Quebec
  • Winter Carnival in Quebec

  • pyramid6
    Oct 9, 04:33 PM
    Not sure how to link, but it is $12.99

    I'm just sayin'.

    Jun 29, 07:26 PM
    How beautiful would that be for Time Machine, particularly in a laptop?

    Yes please...

    Nov 13, 03:58 AM
    ????????????- Nice to meet you, I'm a Mac.

    ?????????? - Hi, I'm a PC.

    ???iPod????????- Oh, an iPod, what are you listening to?

    Eurobeat. - Eurobeat.

    Eurobeat? - Eurobeat?

    ??????iPod. iTunes????????Podcast????????- iPods are great. iTunes is easy to use, and I can look forward to my Podcasts.

    ??????iPod?????????????????????iLife????????- You know, for a mac, we enjoy things with pictures and movies just as easily as using an iPod. I come with iLife.

    ??iLife?????????????????????- Oh, iLife? I also come with all kinds of cool software.

    ????????- Oh, for example?

    ????????- Calculator.

    ????????- What else?

    ??? - Clock.
    Nice translations Gammamonk and thanks. But just to nitpick a little...:D
    I believe "っオ、iPod、何聞いてる" should be "っオ、iPod、何聴いてる"
    You had "What are you hearing?" rather than "What are you listening to?"

    Apr 5, 06:09 PM
    that's exactly what i was wondering about! i don't know if EU regulations apply to the ipad, but they certainly do apply to the iphone. and i think, apple has to include a miniUSB port (standardized charger) to the iphone 5 if they want to sell it here in europe. a simply dock connector just won't do.

    Why the hell do you have to have a miniUSB for a phone in the EU?
    what is wrong with just using a apple dock connector?? Apple is NEVER going to put a miniUSB port but they may make an adaptor for the idiots who want one (for what I ask)

    Apr 14, 02:33 PM
    Do all these people have to spend time in one of these, before they can start working for Apple ;)

    Sep 25, 10:18 AM
    If the MBP's or other hardware is not updated at this event, then when is the next public event to have this happen?
    Apple doesn't have to have a public event to update the machines. They'll just appear on the website someday.

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