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USA Matic Otomotif Motorcycles - Ridley Standard Auto-Glide

USA matic motorcycles - ridley Standard Auto-Glide
the ridley claim this motor is real america motorcycles.
If we hear an American motor, certainly our thoughts are not far away from Harley-Davidson motorcycle brand, or perhaps the legendary Indian brand manufacturer also is said to have gone bankrupt or may be implied that the Victory brand also claimed themselves as "The new American motorcycle" . But if ever think of or sounded Ridley bike brand? Probably not, because Ridley is not a "popular" Harley Davidson, but Ridley branded motor is quite unique and interesting.

USA Matic Otomotif Motorcycles - Ridley Standard Auto-GlideUSA matic motorcycles - ridley Standard Auto-Glide TYPE

USA Matic Otomotif Motorcycles - Ridley Standard Auto-Glide
USA Matic Otomotif Motorcycles - Ridley Standard Auto-GlideREAL USA matic - ridley Motor Auto-Glide Standard

USA Matic Otomotif Motorcycles - Ridley Standard Auto-GlideUSA Motor - Ridley - Review Motor Cycle

USA Matic Otomotif Motorcycles - Ridley Standard Auto-GlideREAL USA matic motors - ridley Auto-Glide Standard

motorcycles Specification:
Manufacturer : Ridley
Configuration : Air cooled, 90 degree, V-Twin, 2 valves/ cylinder
Displacement : 44ci/ 738 cc
Compression ratio : 8.5 : 1
Starter : Electric
RPM : 3850 @ 80 MPH
Drive system:
Manufacturer : Ridley
Transmission type : Type I, Automatic CVT
Primary drive : Kevlar/ Rubber belt
Final drive : X-ring chain
Front : 16 in/ 40.6cm - 60 (spoke)
Rear : 16 in/ 40.6cm - 60 (spoke)
Front : Hydraulic-DOT5, 4 pistons (Ferodo pad)
Rear : Hydraulic-DOT5, 4 pistons (Ferodo pad)
Fuel Tank : 5 gallon/ 18.9 L
Seat height : 24.5 in/ 62.2 cm
Foot rest height : 6 in/ 15.2 cm
Length (total) : 97 in/ 246.4 cm
Width (total) : 37 in/ 94 cm
Height (total) : 41 in/ 104.1 cm
Ground clearance : 4.75 in/ 12.1 cm
Dry Weight : 460lbs/ 209 kg
Gross Weight : 760lbs/ 345 kg
MSRP : US D 13,995
Black, Red, White

Sporty Otomotif motorcycles Ducati 848 EVO

motorcycles Ducati 848 EVO
motorcycle Ducati 848 EVO eventually present in Indonesia. This country will be coming again the latest sport bikes from Europe, given the Ducati Indonesia is considering to bring the latest Ducati 848 EVO. Ducati Indonesia President Director, August S Nugroho said, who claimed fastest motor sport from the Ducati will be present in the country around the end of 2010.

Sporty Otomotif motorcycles Ducati 848 EVO
Ducati 848 EVO latest generation is designed to replace the Ducati 848. With a maximum power of 140 bhp, 848 EVO claimed as the most powerful sport bike Ducati ever made. With additional carry the name of EVO, a motorcycle is much faster than the previous generation 6 bhp thanks to the Testastretta engine and peak torque to 98 Nm, combined with the EVO brakes Bre848 able to produce power output of 140 bhp at 10,500 rpm with peak torque to 98 Nm at 9750 rpm .Sporty Otomotif motorcycles Ducati 848 EVOThe tremendous power that had created was the result of the new Testastretta technology as well as the weight of the motor that has only reached 168 kg. Italian motorcycle manufacturer has also introduced a system Brembo Monobloc brakes, twin silencers are placed under the seat, single-sided swingarm, Trellis frame, bodywork inspired by motor racing, and steering damper.
This new motor will be delivered to consumers in September. Ducati 848 EVO priced £ 10,695, or about IDR 147 million to the standard variant and 9995 pounds, or approximately USD 138 million for variant Dark Stealth.

Sporty Otomotif motorcycles Ducati 848 EVO

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Modification Jupiter MX 135 Futuristic

Series of road shows MOTODIFY fifth in 2009 in the city with the nickname of the oil city of Pekanbaru the center of creativity in modifying the focus on the street Cut Nyak Dhien. Gubenur office Dihimpit between Riau and Riau local library, one of the participants who followed the Cipto. Participants from Pekanbaru Mxnya Jupiter is lower with the motor show concept of the future.

135 MX Jupter Cipto very character concoction with a futuristic motor and aerodynamic, engine intake did not affect the standard is still use the original engine, just slightly rombakan the exhaust and gas tank custom made so that the value futuristiknya very thick.

The most striking of the motor change this futuristic concept is at the very detail ekteriornya assembling motorcycles in the future style. All dismantled but there are some parts that retain their original, doff a black screen with the kind of color from getting sangar Cardillac Jupiter MX made this sketch while adding charm futuristic graphics.

Artificial body parts are bent so that the driver was more nuance to the future with a custom designed every detail, to the chain tensioner is made with all beltong intake with the whole concept motorcycle with a custom designed built. The next part of the legs of a cool looking custom made future thinnest sizes so as to appear on the market and Swallow wrapped with tires for the front with 120/17 size rear case bekled Bridgestone 160/17, Cipto also added brake system use Brembo at the front and rear.

Another thing that makes this bike to compete following the three categories is with innovations such as starting the system using Keycard designed so that when the automatic sensor system distarter engine running, new breakthroughs are making it more possible Jupiter MX bike is a motor of the future. The owner of the motor, this contest Cipto carrying the flag of his shop with the name Hot Modified.

Modification Sporty Otomotif Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Modification Sporty Otomotif Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Jakarta so attending at these photos do not anon say if this is the accepted motor. Indeed if the agenda is still the aforementioned anatomy appearance with a motor that came out of the dealership. But, try to see some detail or allotment that sticks. Powerful, Bro! Everything to amplifiers or falsifies Ninja accept beautiful anatomy moge-250-yudi.

"Especially and best important of the upside down, had adopted a adorable arrangement for kalipernya," connected the new bride. It is additionally a affection moge produced from 2006 to present. This agency again, doi ogah application decay that is too old or old.
In accession to this position adorable caliper arrangement additionally becomes added patent. "I do not activity to shake, added anchor and of advance become added safety," added this baby man.

Spesifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Front tire: Battlax 120/70-17
Rear tire: Battlax 160/70-17
Rim: Fire Blade 400
Upside down: Yamaha R6 2008
Footstep: Yoshimura
Exhaust: Yoshimura
X-Bike: 0815-1000-742

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Dabaang - Is it worth it?

Dabaang is now India's biggest opener now with 81 crores earned in just the first week. This title was previously held by blockbuster 3 Idiots.

Dabaang is a blockbuster now and it has gathered some exceptional reviews. However, do you think that Dabaang deserves this success?

I watched the movie few days ago and despite it being very entertaining, I don't think it's worth so much attention. First of all, the movie has brilliant songs. All songs are worth listening to and some of them are just beautiful. Secondly, the comedy is great. You will laugh throughout the movie.

It seems like Arbaaz Khan tried to make a movie similar to Boney Kapoor's Wanted. Today's bollywood is filled with movies showcasing the modern generation influenced by the West. However, Dabaang and Wanted have brought back the old 80-90s movies back starring action heroes like Sunny Deol. I loved watching Wanted and I liked Dabaang too but unlike Wanted, Dabaang lacks a strong plot. It has several loop holes. For example, when the heroine's father died, why didn't she suspect Salman Khan for murdering him? Nonetheless, it is an entertaining movie and you should all watch it with your family.

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Modification of the motor is channeling creativity to create and innovate so that it can be realized according to what the chill and in the form of real teraplikasikan. Djarum Black MOTODIFY 2009 who visited the city of Pekanbaru is the fifth city of roadshownya also displays a nice shape modifications like John Anga in preparing Satria FU 150 SE.

Newer concepts are formulated by John the theme R6 bike motor bike makes deserve ogled her in detail, the engine intake satria FU 150 original engine was standard only a little change in the ignition, the addition of CDI racing and pulling teeth, including the transfer of the gearbox so that more light when pulled tight with a maximum strength.

A significant part of the exterior changes are quite complicated according to John Anga, the shop owner John Anga Racing Sport (Jars) is dibagian swing arm and rear swingarm where it is thought the difficulty level seemed to provide a homemade intake adjusted to the change itself.

Also visible part visible from the front of the naked eye, a black screen with a bodykit Duco at Djarum Black graphic motifs add nuance fast, finishing varnishes and Sikken entrusted to chrome in some parts to enhance your sports display at Satria FU 150 motorcycles this. For the legs, John Anga use to Absedawn Aprilia front wheel and tire dressing Bridgestone GP has used to increase the keanyaran motor sport. All these motors work on the application requires two months he said.

John Anga concocting the most of that did not hesitate to give a touch of racing that was carried in accordance with the concept that he has from the beginning to enter a contest, especially automotive largest motorcycle by Djarum Black digawangi this. One participant from Pekanbaru expects to continue to creativity in the automotive world, when it was announced the winner of the motor's John Anga won seven trophy from several categories including those representing the city of Pekanbaru to the finals later in Solo because the bike picked up The Best Black Bike.

Suzuki Satria 120 R Modifications Jadi Moge

Suzuki Satria 120 R Modifications Jadi Moge

Starting from the business sale and purchase of waste motor gede pioneered moge alias with his brother in Pontianak, the motor modifications resulted faced fierce. Suzuki Satria 120 R's Andi Salim, 25 become more macho views and of course filled with waste items from the motor gede. Original desire to make Satria looking tersbut Racing Look, the main point of concern is located at the stern. However, modifications diusungnya style precisely deliver lansiran Satria won the title in 2002 was the best in the category The Best Duck Modification in the event of Djarum Black MOTODIFY in Pontianak convention Center (7-8/11) ago.

Along with the development that occurred in rend Pontianak make Brenda a change of mind to update the look of two-wheeled milikya. Quite a few changes made, look out alias beautiful body clad in a red color candytone. As for bodinya rely ABS plastic material which is actually a cover of another motor, just needed a little change in the way mengemal perbagian side that will be built. The impression that was built to be more sporty models thanks to the front of the tank actually has a function as a cover of the oil container side.

See the support in the legs are neat devices results "caplokan" from moge. In looking ahead to use apliaksi from suspension up-side-down property CBR 1000 RR, with some supporting supporting accessories such as alloy wheels and disc brake Tiger variations. Associated with the braking device on the front wheel was adopted by Tokico Radial four piston which is a good KALIPER copotan CBR 1000 RR,

whereas the former is selected from the rear RS125 Aprilia. Then there is also a swing arm of the Aprilia RS 125 Diablo.

Not only from the legs of the sector, but Andi also use other accessories on the handlebars sperti comes from Suzuki GSX R750. Spontaneous gas ex Kawasaki ZX-14R also contribute their different colors in these modifications. Tire size 170/70 R 17 front and rear 130/70 R-17 joined to strengthen his character.

Kitchen runway is not a concern to Andi, who is also lower in the four motors together kakakanya event. He just follows the trend in the region berkemabang Pontianak, where the waste moge become a spare part is hunted for this year. So that any machine needs enough composition formulated with a "match" the daily course. Increased oversized torque to 50, and also head was pemaprasan considered for these motors. "Because in addition to the needs of the contest, Satria 120 R is also still used for daily needs," said Andi.

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2010 New Honda Revo Matic 110cc

2010 Honda Revo Matic right
2010 Honda Revo Matic leftThis is the latest motorcycle honda issued recently and given the name Honda Revo 110 AT Matic. This motor uses a four-stroke 110 cc engine technology with EFT (Efficient and Low Friction Technology) which serves to minimize friction between engine components.

2010 NEw Yamaha Scorpio 225cc Facelift

2010 NEw Yamaha Scorpio 225cc Facelift
2010 NEw Yamaha Scorpio 225cc FaceliftNo less lag, Yamaha will also issue new motor that is the result of the overhaul of the Yamaha Scorpio is Yamaha Scorpio 225cc Facelift. This motor was changed in its body design, looks more manly and sports.

2010 New Yamaha Lexam 115cc

Yamaha recently will issue a return that is new motorcycle Yamaha Lexam 15cc. This is the motor matic with designs such as motorcycle jupiter. The capacity of this motor is a 115cc.
2010 New Yamaha Lexam 115cc

2010 New Yamaha Lexam 115cc
2010 New Yamaha Lexam 115cc2010 New Yamaha Lexam 115cc Specification :

Engine 4 stroke, single cylinder, 2 valve, SOHC, air cooled four stroke
Cylinder layout Single cylinder, forward inclined single cylinder, tilted forward
Cylinder capacity 113.7cc
Bore and stroke of the piston 50mm x 57.9 mm
Compression ratio 9.3: 1
Maximum capacity 6.18 kW / 8000 rpm
Maximum Torque 8.23 Nm / 6500 rpm
System starter Electric / Kick
Lubrication system Wet type
Engine oil capacity 0.9 liter
Fuel tank capacity 4.1 liter
Carburetor BS25-49
Ignition System CDI
Average number of primary and secondary transmission 4.779 / 2.400
Clutch system Wet – centrifugal automatic
Type of transmission system V-belt automatic (Y.C.A.T)
Transmission ratio 2.153 ~ 0.874: 1
Frames Steel tube frame underbone
Size of front wheel / rear wheel 17inch / 17inch
Front brake Hydraulic disc
Rear brake Drum brakes
Front shock absorbers Telescopic shock
Rear shock absorbers Dampened oil shock – Spring
Headlamp Halogen HS1
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 1.920mm x 680mm x 1.075mm
Ride height 760mm
Distance between two rotation axis 1.240mm
Distance of the road from the ground 145mm
Dry weight / wet 98kg /110kg
Warranty period 1 year

2010 New Honda Mega Pro 150cc

This is the latest motor manufacturer Honda released the Honda New Mega Pro. Honda New Mega Pro has a different capacity 10cc 150cc engine with Honda's New Mega Pro before. But this motor has advantages in design.
2010 New Honda Mega Pro 150cc
2010 New Honda Mega Pro 150cc
2010 New Honda Mega Pro 150cc
2010 Honda New Mega Pro 150cc Specification:

  • Weight/ Measurements:
    • Kerb weight: 138 kg
    • Fuel tank capacity: 12 litre
    • Wight: 754mm
    • Length: 2073 mm
    • Height: 1085 mm
    • Ground clearance: 162 mm
    • Wheelbase: 1328mm
  • Chasis:
    • Chasis: Advanced Design Dimond Frame
    • Tyre type: Tubeless
    • Front suspension: Telescopic fork
    • Rear suspension: Mono suspension 3 step adj
    • Rear tyre: 110/80 17- M/C 57P
    • Front: 80/100 17-M/C 46P
    • Rear Brake tyre: Disc 220 mm dia
    • Front Brake tyre: Disc 240 mm dia
  • Engine & Transmission:
    • Transmission: Constant Mesh, 5 speed gear
    • Gear shift pattern: 1 Down- 4up
    • Engine: Air cooled, 4 Stroke, SI endine
    • Torque: 1.3kg@ 6500 rpm
    • Displacement: 149.1
    • Net Power: 14 bhp@ 8500 rpm
    • Air filter: viscous paper filter

Pictures New Sporty Yamaha Scorpio

Pictures New Sporty Yamaha Scorpio Pictures new yamaha scorpio

Latest news mentioning that PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) will soon introduce to the media figure of the New Scorpio 225 on September 21, 2010. Motor sport since the last few months due to material pebincangan spy shots circulating in cyberspace, will be present with a display which totally changed. Starting from the front to the stern will carry the new costumes.

Nevertheless, this newest Yamaha Scorpio 225 still retain his old machine. According to Yamaha, Scorpio is considered the beginning of the machine is still powerful and still enthused by the community Yamaha motor sport lovers.

"The display will be a total change. But mesih still bears the old machine because we assess the engine is still qualified and interested, "said Indra Dwi Sunda, PR & Communication Head, Coporate PT YMKI.

Pictures New Sporty Yamaha Scorpio lampu depan new yamaha scorpio

Indra added that the introduction of the New Scorpio event next week in Jakarta, will introduce the techniques YMKI well as providing opportunities to the media to try this New Scorpio. Including the sale price.

Sporty Otomotif Motor Honda Ala Aprilia

Sporty Otomotif Motor Honda Ala ApriliaHonda Tiger Modification Like Aprilia Motorcycle

Sporty Otomotif Motor Honda Ala ApriliaHonda Tiger Modification Like Aprilia Motorcycle-Front Lamp View

Sporty Otomotif Motor Honda Ala ApriliaHonda Tiger Modification Like Aprilia Motorcycle-Tank View

If you have a collection of images output Aprilia motorcycles, maybe a little confused with this view. At the bottom of the fairing and the tank Aprilia written, but in the Italian motorcycle manufacturer catalogs can not find that model. Then, the original of the bike is also gone. So no wonder the original Honda motorcycle was in 2005 that Tiger has been modified by the G2C. Amazingly, all the body is made from 0.8 mm galvanized materials which must be more difficult than the fiber shape using a mold.

In concept, according to Hery Shofiyulloh, fairingnya imitate the model Yamaha R6, but its size is adjusted again. Was indeed plagiarism Aprilia tank that has some curves and it's been a challenge. Differences with a swing arm (arm) made his own. "So that can ensure the size fit the body. That's the difference compared to life of the swinging arm.'ve Pegged and baseball become creative again," said Hery flying the same Wardoyo benderan G2C.

Wardoyo other creations can decent thumbs up, see the muffler design. To view and the model does not fail with the new motor. Sangar with two snout shape and position in the undertail. "The form we also note the notch mufflers, made back in rhythm with the body design. So that between the body and exhaust that sticks not opposites," said Hery.

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2011 KTM 125 Duke Photos

2011 KTM 125 Duke Launched
2011 KTM 125 Duke Launched

2011 KTM 125 Duke Tank View
2011 KTM 125 Duke Tank View

2011 KTM 125 Duke Photos
2011 KTM 125 Duke Photos

2011 Yamaha Stryker First Look

2011 Yamaha Stryker First Image
2011 Yamaha Stryker First Image

2011 Yamaha Stryker Black Color
2011 Yamaha Stryker Black Color

2011 Yamaha Stryker Side View
2011 Yamaha Stryker Side View

2011 Yamaha Stryker Launched
2011 Yamaha Stryker Launched

Classic Motorcycles - The Ducati 900SS

While the major manufacturers Japanese bike spent the late 60 and 70 in pushing the envelope as far as strength, speed and expressed concern, and European manufacturers who seek a combination of power and handling. The bikes such as the European 750S3 Guzzi Moto down on power compared to some Japanese rivals, but could overtake them in the circumstances is still the real world, especially where the acquisition of this issue. One of the issues of the day, however, that the lack of relative strength means that they can be slow from the beginning of the permanent.

However, it was with the likes of Giacomo Agostini, sweeping all before him with Agusta medium, another European bike, and the demand for these machines alien based on race are high. Ducati was held in the Gulf of Agostini in 1972, however, when a pair of V-Twin 750 Ducatis came first and the second at Imola 200. This victory inspired by Ducati for the production of bicycles 25 Imola based on the legal road in 1973 and followed this up with the Super Sport 750.

Ducati produced and 900SS. The engine Ducati 860GT 900SS on the basis of the unity of stroke, which kept the 74.4mm of 750, but with increased tolerance of 86mm to give a total capacity of 864cc 79bhp produced in the forearm. To maintain the traditional engine 90 degrees V-Twin with desmodromic valves and large-scale 40mm Dell'Orto carburetors. It was a wonderful, both visually and in terms of performance. Keep the long wheelbase bike stable at high speeds, and was a feature of Italian bikes at that time. No electric start, clip on handlebars, rear set foot pegs and a beautiful gift means half that this is a replica of the real race, who went and handled, as well as it looks - in black with gold trim was fantastic.