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Honda CB 836 Chopper Motorcycle

Honda CB 836 Chopper Motorcycle

Honda CB 836 Chopper Motorcycle

1978 Honda CB836 Chopper Motorcycle The motor had been built up with an 836 kit and an electronic ignition. The bike absolutely screamed for a CB. The power increase from these mods is significant.

To read a bit more about this Honda CB SOHC4

2010 Honda VT1300CRA Stateline ABS

2010 Honda VT1300CRA Stateline ABS – front angle

Low line that inspirate all of euffort is challange, the combine Stateline two live style : seem traditional that very fender valanced busur to down in classic retro style, but rolling chassis is all of new and bring all line is fresh in that class. listener the noisy engine v – twin with Programmed Fuel Injection Honda.
The brawny 1312cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 52º V-twin is a thing of beauty, too, with smooth, maintenance-free shaft final drive putting all that torque and power to the ground with effortless ease.

2010 Honda VT1300CRA Stateline ABS – left angle

See what happens when you build a custom that’s equal parts old school and new. Then look no further than the Stateline.
MSRP: $11,699.00; ABS model $12,699.00 USD

2010 Honda VT1300CRA Stateline ABS – right angle

2010 Honda VT1300CRA Stateline ABS

Honda VT1300CRA Stateline ABS 2010 – back angle

2010 Triumph Speed Triple Special Edition – Pictures and Specs

2010 Triumph Daytona 675 Special Edition-right angle

appear interesting, pretty and hanging out where and whenever you are. are you need it?Triumph is celebrating 15 years of its most successful model with a distinctive new high-specification special edition of the 1050cc Speed Triple. The Speed Triple is so significant to Triumph, that company owner John Bloor has authorised use of his signature on the fuel tank for the very first time on the 15th Anniversary Special Edition.

2010 Triumph Daytona 675 Special Edition-head angle

Engine: Weighing in at 189kg and developing 132PS and 105Nm of torque, the 2009 Speed Triple is the lightest and most powerful version to date. With its distinctive triple sound accompanying a muscular linear power delivery that pulls strongly from tickover to red line, combined with precise and agile handling. 2010 Triumph Daytona 675 Special Edition
MSRP: $11,299 USD


Model ID
Manufacturer (Make) Honda
Model Name CB 200
Year 1975
Category(class) Classic
Engine Capacity (Displacement) 198 ccm (12.08 cubic inches)
Engine Type Twin
Bore x Stroke Ø55.5 mm x 41.0 mm (Ø2.19 inches x 1.61 inches)
Stroke 4
Valves per Cylinder 2
Timing System OHC
Cooling System Air
Gearbox 5 speed
Front Brakes Drum
Rear Brakes Drum
Front Tire 2.75-18
Rear Tire 3.00-18
Gross Weight 142 kg (313 lb)
Fuel Capacity 11 litres (2.91 gallons)
Max Power 17.00 HP (12.4 kW) at 9000 RPM
Power/Weight Ratio 0.12
Top Speed 124 km/h (77mph)
Acceleration (dart, speedup) time
  • 0-100 km/h
  • -
  • 0-60 mph
  • -
  • 1/4 mile
  • -
  • 60 to 140 km/h, highest gear
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    Vario Matic Modification Low Rider From Jakarta

    Vario Matic Modification Low Rider From Jakarta

    Modification Honda Vario Low Rider Jakarta to have the coolest new tamilan monopoly modifmania not just big cities. In Madiun, East Java, Donny Dwi Budianto of 73 Motor Honda Vario 2007 remodel his property until he could''aka''bodinya jig up and down like on MODIF car.

    Donny aka Modern MEFRIK apply concepts, aesthetic, functional, Rational, Innovation, and Creative at berlambang skubek packed wing. The most prominent and practically MODIF breakthrough in 2009 that the use of air suspension (water-sus), which makes the body can rise and fall as many have been adopted in the modification of cars in the country.

    Vario Matic Modification Low Rider From JakartaVario Matic Modification Low Rider From Jakarta

    "It's like a big-matic trends in Japan," said Donny. To be able to operate a water-sus, it uses 550 psi pressure compressor. To shockbreaker used hydraulic diameter 4 cm, which is used on the car door.

    Because funsgi shock just to go up and down the body, then add the shock Donny placed under the saddle near the bay front shield. Functions, in addition to compress and rebound adjust, as well as to stabilize the body. To operate the water-sus, using two buttons placed at the center stabilizer.

    Another breakthrough from Donny, consider the shock front. He dared to adopt a monoshock. "The work itself using the pipe and the model as in Vespa," he explained. In order for a custom look, the fiber was wrapped and given the chrome.

    Vario Matic Modification Low Rider From Jakarta

    Not only that. Look at the lights. Home disposable Honda Airblade and mica lamps have an advantage, the inside-custom disposable projector models from the headlights. Meanwhile, LED lights dusk already apply.

    As for the behind the creation of 73 motors. Pointy shape following the stern line with multi-LED lights. There is also the brake lights and Sein.

    Air Jordan -Motorsports- Pack May Just Be Released

    air jordan motorsports pack 615x451 Air Jordan Motorsports Pack May Just Be Released

    The rumor mill has been buzzing over this for a few weeks now. A few pairs of the Air Jordan Six Rings and Air Jordan 6 from the Air Jordan Motorsports Pack have popped up at resale sites such as MarqueeSole and OSneaker with a detail which has many of us suspecting the sneakers are bound for some sort of retail release.

    Displayed on the backside of the tongue tags on the sneakers which were made available through the resale sites features the newly designed Air Jordan 23/25 logo which was designed in honor of the 25th Anniversary of the Air Jordan line. This minor detail tells us at this time that Jordan Brand has produced alternate versions of the sneakers, possibly for a retail release during 2010 when they celebrate their 25th Anniversary, as the logo was not included on the pairs distributed to the team and crew of Michael Jordan Motorsports. Kreig, our contact at Michael Jordan Motorsports has confirmed to us that the sneakers given to them does indeed not include the 23/25 logo, however he has no details nor can he confirm or comment on whether or not the pack will be making a retail release.

    Whatever the fact may be we will be sure to keep you posted on any further info. If Jordan Brand were to release the Air Jordan Motorsports Pack would you have any interest in copping either of the two sneakers?

    Hybrid Car Pro and Cons

    The pros and cons of hybrid car is one of the widely discussed topics since hybrid car is a trend among the new generation vehicles. Hybrid car is the type of car, which utilizes two different energy sources to meet the energy requirement. Even though the hybrid technology was prevailing for many purposes such as train engines and submarines, its well-liked use among the people was begun only with the incorporation of the idea in the motor vehicles. Hybrid car became soon accepted among the customers, however, its increased popularity arise the need for a cross analysis since it is a fact that every factor will have two sides.

    To start with the pros of the hybrid cars, the basic technology itself seems to be advantageous. The common hybrid cars use the combination engine of the gasoline and electrical energy, which strongly emphasis on the reduced use of gasoline. In the working, the starting up and low pace of the car is used up with the electrical energy and the gasoline engine will come to the scene in the higher speeds. The effective computer programs will efficiently balance the switching over process between the gasoline and electrical energy. This really attributes two benefits, gasoline use will be minimum and enhances the energy efficiency, but the required pace can be gained, with comfort. To boost up the efficiency factor, the engine size is minimized and the body is made with light weight materials in an aerodynamic drag reduction design. The appropriate electrical use in the system helps to avoid the environmental pollution by reducing the tailpipe emissions and also assist the energy in maintaining the accessories and backing up in steep slopes. But, the real advantage is that the electrical energy does not require a recharge since it is automatically recharged with regenerative braking.

    But, as usual, cons exist for hybrid cars also. The practical viability of the energy efficiency is considered as the major question among the cons. The proficiency to attain high speed is also checked in most cases. The battery life and the cost for the battery change is considered to be an inevitable con associated with the hybrid car. The security factors raised due to the light weight body is also a risk for hybrid cars.

    However, government seems to be impressed with the attributes of hybrid cars such as less pollution and higher energy efficiency. Government allows tax credit and reductions for the promotion of the hybrid cars. It is also often added among the pros for the hybrid cars. The cons have to be considered as motivating factors for the improvisation of the hybrid cars.

    Car reviews:2011 Fiat Strada Sporting Pickup launches

    2011<br /> Fiat Strada Sporting 1 Car reviews:2011 Fiat Strada Sporting Pickup <br />launches

    2011<br /> Fiat Strada Sporting 2 Car reviews:2011 Fiat Strada Sporting Pickup <br />launches

    2011<br /> Fiat Strada Sporting 3 Car reviews:2011 Fiat Strada Sporting Pickup <br />launches

    2011<br /> Fiat Strada Sporting interior Car reviews:2011 Fiat Strada Sporting <br />Pickup launches
    Fiat this week launched the Strada Sporting, special series model that emphasizes the visual aspect of sports. The novelty will be offered with extended cab and engine E.torQ 1.8 16V, already an integral Catalog drivers of pickup. With it, the pickup develops 130 horsepower when running on gasoline or ethanol with 132 bhp and 18.4 lb.-ft. or 18.9 lb.-ft. respectively of torque according to the fuel.

    As details of the special series, the Strada pickup incorporates headlights with black mask, miniskirts side rim alloy wheels 16 “with 185/55 tires, covers the exterior mirrors on the ceiling and bar, plus banners and shields depicting threshold the version with the logo and Sporting. The interior boasts a few changes. The steering wheel was polished leather with red stitching, while banks have unique fabric. Seat belts are red and the pedals get sports coverage. Finally, the carpets have to register Sporting.

    Number of the truck has air conditioning, power steering, trip computer, front power windows with one touch and antisquash system. Optionally you can equip with cowl Strada Sporting at sea, rain sensors, fixing the spare tire inside the extended cab sound system with MP3 and Bluetooth in addition to the package HSD (High Safety Drive) composed of dual airbags and ABS brakes.

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    Modifikasi Yamaha Vixion - Fairing Style Yamaha YZF-R15 2011

    Gambar Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Vixion Style YZF-R15

    This is a picture of children's work Yamaha V-ixion modification of our nation. post by: Adhitioyuda

    Name: Mr.. Adhi wicaksono [Owner / Entrepreneur]
    Mobile Number: 081332111248
    Phone Number: +62335422211
    Address: Jl: Soekarno-Hatta No.: 93
    Probolinggo, East Java

    Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria FU - Full Crome 2011

    Nome: Permadi Tutut
    Endereço: Plarangan rt03/01 Karanganyar Kebumen
    Motocicleta Marca: Suzuki Satria Fu build-up 2005

    Modificação Especificações: Satria FU tenho cromo total, mano, não me deixe chato, eu também professam que apoiaram tribal airbrush aroma gliter de fluxo, efeito gliter se vai fazer a minha moto para que fique brilhante quando se tem luz,

    Especificações do motor: o gás de forma espontânea: Daytona, o pistão: o tigre, por válvula: Daytona, embreagem, freio: Daytona, karbu: NSR SP, CDI: hiperbran BRT, exaustão: ganso modif ane no pescoço, se a polícia temia que foi instalado por Pazz hehehe. Fotos de organismos vivos modificados.



    Changes in both suspension refers to the supermotard style. Satria FU new version which will be launched in 2011.

    MODIF Motor SUZUKI SATRIA FU 2011 From Jakarta

    Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Shogun - Oversized Stuck Piston 2011

    Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Shogun - Oversized Stuck Piston 2010

    ve Not time the market search senggol market (paseng) is left dirty, look at Suzi deity Shogi I belong Martha Dwi Yoga. The model is also lightly raced invited cool, what's the secret?

    Modification of Raider

    No more powerful features of the 2003 Suzuki Raider. Starting from the front to rear, this bike has changed completely. Instead the result so extreme, with some elements of the technology changes. Like condoms tank lid can be opened using keys, that one is a teroboson. At the very least, a breakthrough modifications in Pontianak, West Kalimantan.
    Home modifications Irfandi from Pontianak in 2XP "Equator City" made a bold move. Consider the attached seat on the house from the original exhaust Ducati 969. Meanwhile, the bottom-distance with the wheels still empty. "Indeed, the design was not able to fit," said Irfandi.

    Plus the arm (swing arm) are large and sturdy, while the framework for and the seat is thin, the harmonization was a little disturbed. "In the arm, I use the pro arm of Honda NSR SP and condoms to be given greater," explained Irfandi.

    To the top, using a subframe which modifikator is knock down because he wanted to make a long tail. If you get bored, then it could be dismantled extra-pair. To integrate additional context, he uses the L bolt size of 8 mm 6 pieces. "In addition to booster seats, it also became a kind of bracket for the exhaust," said senior modifikator.

    Realized there was a wide cavity, he cut back by adding exhaust Ducati 969. Another thing if a minimoto sokbreker position in Australia was not too collapsed. For each, he wore a Honda CBR150 for more tender than the original.

    Also interesting, given condoms tank-lid can be opened by pressing the button. According to Irfandi, he uses the power window car fitted with a small shock. By pressing once, the condom could be opened up to 45 degrees.


    Jordan Six Rings-Motorsports – A Closer Look

    Thanks to the man Kreig Robinson from Michael Jordan Motorsports we are able to provide you with a closer look at the Jordan Six Rings ‘Motorsports’ we showed you the other day. As y0u should know by now the Six Rings were created alongside the Air Jordan VI ‘Motorsports’ to celebrate the 6th Anniversary or Michael Jordan Motorsports. The design scheme and colorway on each of the sneakers was done up in a fashion to match the new paint jobs the sportbikes and trailer received, as well as match the uniforms of the team members. The whole package is just lovely. The Six Rings, the VI’s and the bikes and trailer to match. A match made in heaven.

    Unfortunately for all us Air Jordan fans these sneakers will never be released and have only been produced in extremely limited numbers exclusively for the riders and crew of Michael Jordan Motorsports, and close personal friends of MJ. There may be a pair or two which pops up on eBay or through one of the consignment shops, but dont ever expect to see these sitting on stores shelves.

    jordan six rings motorsports 2 Jordan Six Rings Motorsports   A Closer Look

    jordan six rings motorsports 3 Jordan Six Rings Motorsports   A Closer Look

    Electric car plug in

    More company has taken new step in developing new source of power for passenger and commercial vehicle. And Germany launched a campaign Wednesday to put 1 million electric cars on the road by 2020, making battery research a priority as it tries to position the country as a market leader. Below are some of the electric car that will be on the road early 2010.

    Toyota prius plug in, many converting from prius hybrid to plug in.

    Tesla roadster, using battery found in laptop

    Nissan Leaf, 5 doors will have 100 miles per charge using lithium ion.

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    Feliç any 2011

    Trànsit redueix el termini de pagament de forma ilegal

    AEA, Automovilistas Europeos Asociados, denuncia que existeixen greus irregularitats en el nou sistema per notificar les multes de trànsit a través d'Internet i portarà aquesta acció als tribunals.
    Aquest sistema l'utilizen des del novembre la DGT, el Departament d'Interior del Gobern basc, el Servei Català de Trànsit i l'Ajuntament de Madrid. Es tracta de sobrepassar-se greument el dret de defensa dels ciutadans al no respectar els terminis legals establerts per el procés. 

    Llibre Dani Pedrosa

    Dani Pedrosa presenta un conte "Dos duendes mecánicos para Dani Pedrosa", pertany a la col·lecció Els Valors de l'Esport de l'editorial SM.
    El conte està escrit per Pau Joan Hernández, especialista amb literatura juvenil, i pren com a referència el regal que rebrà Pedrosa per Nadal quan tenia cinc anys, un mono de motocross. A partir d'aquí dos follets mecànics anomenats Tim i Tom l'ajuden per convertir-se amb Campió del Món.
    Lluny de les bromes que això pot proposar-se en el conte ve enllaçat amb els valors positius de l'esport com l'esforç, la solidaritat o la superació personal.  Pedrosa es només un dels esportistes que ha donat la seva imatge, entre altres com: Pep Guardiola, Gemma Mengual, Juan Carlos Navarro, Edurne Pasaban, Alberto Contador, Marquino, Daniel o Luis Amado.
    El preu del llibre son 5,95 euros i el 6% de cada exemplar va destinat a Aldeas Infantils SOS. Està disponible amb castellà i català, i es una bona idea per regalar lectura a nens d'entre 6 i 14 anys.

    Feliç 2011

    Radars de tram ja funcionen

    La DGT informa que els radars de tram ja està en funcionament i que començarà a multar al dia 1 de febrer.
    De moment n'hi ha dos, un està a la AP-6 amb el túnel de Guadarrama direcció Corunya i amb una longitut de 3,5km. L'altre està situat a la A-7, en Màlaga, concretament al Túnel de Torrox direcció Barcelona i cobreix un tram d'un quilometre. Ambdos estan en zones limitades a 100 Kms/h.

    Ja està en funcionament sense arribar al final del tràmit amb la multa, només envien les notificacions d'avís als infractors. A partir de l'1 de Febrer si que s'actibarà. En 2011 es preveu instal·lar-ne quatre radars més.
    Aquest tipus de radar no multen per superar la velocitat màxima en un punt concret de la via, sino que el càlcul de la velocitat mitjana superi la velocitat màxima permesa en el tram controlat.

    DAKAR 2011

    Segueix el Dakar 2.0
    Un dels problemes que sempre ha tingut el Dakar per raons obvies es el seguiment en directe de no de les etapes. Ara l'organització vol paliar aquest deficit amb el projecte Dakar 2.0, amb el que a través de la web oficial podràs seguir les verificacions en temps real.
    L'eina utilitzada s'anomena Iritrack i es el més proper al dia d'avui per seguir la carrera al moment. També s'ha desenvolupat una aplicació pels posseïdors de smartphones: Blackberry o iPhone. també hi haurà un seguiment actiu per Facebook i Twitter. 
    Per últim, el Virtual Rally Game, una eina amb el que podràs ser com els pilots i mecànics amb la que podràs fer simulacions a l'estil de la F1. Molt complertes per tant les noves tecnologies amb el Dakar 2011.

    Popular Mechanics....The Aptera 2e Electric Car

    Aptera Exclusive - 3 Wheeled Electric Wonder On the Road

    Popular Mechanics Aptera Typ-1e Testdrive

    Aptera - Car of the Future

    The Aptera 2e Electric Car | ZapRoot

    Aptera Vehicles: 2008 Breakthrough Innovators

    The Aptera typ-1

    Carles Checa felicita el Nadal

    Nova edició de la Revista PasiónBQ 9

    Nova edició de la Revista Pasión BQ Núm.9

    Concurs de rutes BestialQuad

    La web BestialQuad obre un concurs d'excursions.
    Veure les bases

    Correr el rumor que es venen el circuit de Dorna

    Segons els rumors, a causa de la retirada de Valentino Rossi, el circuit preveu que l'audiencia baixarà moltissim, i no es podran assumir totes les despeses que genera el circuit. Per tant, començen ara a plantejar-se la venda

    Ryno un monocicle per la Policia

    Curios artefacte el que ens porta Ryno Motors, un monocilindric eléctric que vol fer-li la competeència al popular Segway. L'aparell en qüestió  està destinat per la policia, i les seves prestacions estan encaminades a satisfer aquest tipus de necessitats.
    La bateria del monocicle s'anomena LifePo4 i dóna una autonomía de 50 quilometres, per una velocitat màxima de 40 quilometres per hora. Les vendes començaran a la primavera del 2011, i el seu preu serà a voltant dels 3.200 euros.

    Un programa de Ràdio dedicat al món del motor: SUN BIKES

    A principi del mes de desembre s'ha estrenat a Gestiona Radio un magazine anomenat Sun & Bikes centrat en el món de la moto, cosa que ens agrada ja que quants més siguem més completa serà la informació del mercat.
    El programa s'emet els diumenges a les 22.00 hores i amb una hora tracten el més interessant de la setmana motera, amb novetats, competició, concentracions...el que normalment fa atractiu el món de la moto. El dirigeix Ignacio Seijas i  deixem l'enllaç del primer programa per veure si us agrada.
    Poc a creixent els mitjans de comunicació que parlen sobre el nostre sector.

    Motorsport-MotoGP-Girls dressed in blue - Rizla Suzuki babes

    Girls at the races, we love it. Here are some cool images of the Rizla Suzuki girls enjoying some sunshine. MotoGP is the place to be if you are into watching fast bikes and fast girls.