Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • Eraserhead
    Jun 10, 08:03 AM

    Isn't getting a new category as it is suggested for deletion.

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  • Watabou
    Apr 30, 05:02 PM
    No, you made his point because you went all defensive and fearful over Android.

    It's not any "harder" to use or figure than iOS. Heck, the iPhone has a 274 page user manual... So much for "intuitive".

    Huh?! I didn't think I got defensive over Android. I don't know how just stating Android was difficult to use translates to "I am defensive and fearful over Android".

    I just stated Android was difficult to use. That's similar to saying I like eating icecream out of the box rather than taking my time putting it in a bowl or a cone and then eating it. See what I'm saying? Now, some people may like the latter way but I much prefer iPhone's navigation, iPhone browser, perfect integration with iTunes, iCal, Mail and others, and the App Store to Android. That said, I do like a lot of the Android features, especially the notification bar that just amazed me.

    I use iPhone because I found it much intuitive to use. If you take my iPhone away and force me to use Android, will I enjoy it? No of course not but I won't be fearful of using it...geez.

    P.S. Android has over 300 pages of user manual. But that's beside the point right? ;)

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  • AdeFowler
    Mar 28, 08:48 AM
    after all this hype if iOS 5 is just a small improvement that would be ludicrous.

    What hype? :confused:

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  • grawk
    Feb 24, 11:20 AM
    This is fantabulous news. I have been watching ebay listings of snow leopard server, so this makes it a no brainer. I'll just wait a few weeks.


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  • Ugg
    Apr 29, 01:01 PM
    And yes, some driving can be cut down, but not all of it. Plus a large chuck of driving is required, many people live in suburban areas and need to drive to work.

    There was a study recently that showed that the bulk of suburban driving was non-work related and that most of those trips were less than two miles. We need to drive a lot less than we think we do.

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  • PlipPlop
    Mar 24, 04:16 AM


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  • Phil A.
    Dec 1, 09:18 AM
    Looks like the train has come to the end of the line: the website now just goes to a holding page

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  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 12, 05:38 PM
    Anyway, environmentalist or not, what do you think about the Fit's overall city and highway gas mileage? And does it really beat the Prius in overall gas mileage? Toyota also has a very similar small type of car that is totally sexy. To me, small is sexy (but not Smart Car), and I could parallel park easier than my huge SW, and get great gas mileage.

    I have also considered Mazda 3 and Pontiac Vibe.

    Where the Fit excels is its interior volume. It is seriously like the Tardis in its ability to betray its small appearance on the outside with its actual capacity inside. For example, I have filled it with a family of four's luggage and knick-knacks for a week-long trip, with room to spare.

    Mileage is as advertised, mostly high-20's squirting around town, nearer to high-30's with the cruise set for hours at highway speeds. I don't have the knowledge to compare it to the Prius, but I will say that the Fit's interior fit-and-finish, while well-detailed and more than adequate, is "cheaper" than the Prius, and maybe even my old Civic's.

    While it won't win many drag races, it is a fun runabout, as it's probably the shortest wheelbase car I've ever owned. Meaning, it "hops" over bumps and sneezes will put you in the adjacent lane. I haven't driven a Mini Cooper, but I suspect the sensations are similar.

    I'd buy one again in a heartbeat.


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  • greendragon
    Oct 9, 03:08 PM
    Ah shut up you bastards...

    walmart, target, YOU SUCK!!!

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  • gwangung
    Sep 25, 11:02 PM
    So? Some words like "Podcast" are adopted from popular culture. I still talk about Walkmans, not "Portable Audio Cassette Decks". Imagine how annoying that would be to say every time?

    I can understand why they want to protect the iPod name. That is their name, and that is their product. However, they really should leave "Podcast" alone. Having a "Podcast" is like the ultimate insult to everyone like Creative, Microsoft, etc. The name "Podcast" exists not because people want to leech off of the iPod's popularity, but because of the iPods popularity, and how endeared it is by our culture. These "Podcasts" were created to be downloaded onto iPods so that people can listen. In our society, iPod comes to mind first. Nobody was thinking of creating these audiocasts with the Creative Zen or MS Zune in mind. If they end up on a Zune, that's fine, but the thought was to get their content on iPods, which is really quite a compliment to Apple when you think about it.

    Apple should really reconsider their actions.


    This really doesn't make sense.

    The word "Podcast" is derived from iPod, of course, but the CONCEPT of podcast is not inherently ipod-related. Because of that, it inherently dilutes the iPod trademark. You could just as easily call it an MP3-cast, and not have people be confused that it's coming from Apple (and the fact that Apple has been continually trying to trademark iPodcast itself for quite some time is another interesting bit of info).

    The very fact that you're trying to have it cover Zune, Creative, etc. when it's derived from a specific product shows that Apple HAS to protect its trademark, particularly when another company is trying to profit from that name.


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  • kentrox99
    Oct 9, 03:45 PM
    Am I the only one that feels like we've heard this song and dance before??
    Isn't it the same stuff we heard from the record companies and music stores when people started downloading music? You can't stop a technological shift just because you want to keep the same profits. Let Wally-World and Target threaten all they want. It's not going to stop anything.

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  • Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 13, 09:48 AM
    Why on Earth didn't the Service Pack include an update to the buggy Messenger:Mac :confused: :confused: :eek:
    This is so long overdue!!

    Messenger updates are usually always separate. Also, keep in mind most businesses use OCS so Communicator would probably be the only program addressed with Service Packs.


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  • netdog
    Oct 26, 02:54 AM
    My heart goes out to anyone lost enough to get on a line for 3 hours for a t-shirt. Only in England, the land where we love to queue.

    I am reminded about sad guy who got in line in New York on Monday for an iPhone, and the expected throngs lining up behind him over the next 5 days never materialized.

    Don't get me wrong...I'll be down at Regent Street later today, but if I were to arrive at 3, it would only be to share a drink and a laugh at some pub with my fellow forum mates. So far, it doesn't seem that is going to happen, but if their is a pre-sale pub meetup, call it here and count me in.


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  • Michaelgtrusa
    Mar 14, 01:47 PM
    Satan appears as an angel of light and he's got two posters hear on this thread at least, but not the other poster.


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  • kingdonk
    Feb 28, 07:03 PM
    more of the same plus work group manager

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  • AppleMc
    Mar 11, 11:42 AM
    Line is about 46 now at Stonebriar. Posting pics on twitter @dpedini

    Cookies are still calling my name must resist.

    Stop by say Hello


    If I come take cookie orders is someone going to save me a spot? :p;)


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  • iMikeT
    Nov 11, 07:44 PM
    These ads are better in Japanese!

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  • redeye be
    May 28, 06:17 AM
    BTW, can we link to this thread in our text below?
    please do so!

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  • wasimyaqoob
    Oct 27, 02:29 AM
    Looks amazing, Worth it i think. Already been a member for 3+ years :)

    Mar 1, 10:41 PM
    wiki calendar.

    Sep 27, 02:17 PM
    I just hope Apple have fixed a lot of ridiculous little problems with Cocoa and the Task Switcher, etc. that they introduced with 10.4.7. I'm tired of quitting one application in Task Switcher and seeing another application's name in the menu bar while it's quitting.

    Nov 26, 11:08 PM

    Sep 19, 03:43 PM
    What about a firmware update for the 24" iMac?

    Jan 6, 06:06 PM
    It posts wall posts, private messages, invitations, the lot. I hate that app on Facebook. I have it blocked now.

    How do you block farmville? It's annoying me the amount of posts I get a day from people who've found a sparkly pure egg or a wounded badger. I'd love to not have all that guff clogging up my iPhone screen.

    I am having similar issues with notification sounds in that I get none. Not too fussed but would be nice if it did exactly what it said on the tin.

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