Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • steelfist
    Oct 10, 05:54 AM
    aw, crybaby, you are going to lose buisness aren't you? don't worry, there's always HD-DVD and Blueray movies coming out. these people just can't accept the fact that there's a new method, downloading legaly online, that's going to be a big hit. cry all you want. wah wah wah

    hairstyles of rihanna. Rihanna hairstyle 2011.
  • Rihanna hairstyle 2011.

  • Detlev
    Oct 16, 07:37 PM
    I am willing to be Apple's test market :D

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  • mpw
    Sep 15, 04:56 AM
    ...I always treated it like a game, seeing how long I can stay awake...
    ...It's pretty incredible if you ask me, your out just like that. If only I could go to sleep that well every night...
    As I understand it the drugs they use are poisons and the job of the anestisiologist (?) is to give you just enough to nearly kill you and keep that dose constant throughout the op, so your more dead than asleep.
    Probably best not to try and fight with the guy trying very hard to not-quite-kill-you!

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  • phillipduran
    Feb 18, 02:47 PM
    Just think, if they all got food poisoning and died - America would be brought to its knees. For a few days.

    Nah, American leadership weathers stuff like that with ease. It's one of the effective things about our military leadership too.


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  • Michael CM1
    Jun 22, 12:28 AM
    Just thought I'd let you guys know I decided on an Xbox 360 Arcade. I really didn't want to drop $300 on the new system -- plus GameStop had none -- and this allowed me to not take as much of a risk moneywise. I'm already finding out how crazy low 256MB of memory is, so I'll probably end up getting an add-on HDD.

    The advice was all pretty good. I'm glad I wasn't the only person angry at Wii developers not named Nintendo for their lack of good titles. I'm starting gently on this thing with Halo 3 and the kiddie games that came with this package. Halo 3 so far is a little confusing because I have never used an Xbox controller and it's been years since I played a game like this. I also had to use my 32" TV instead of the older 57" TV because the 57" TV put a nice black spot in the middle of the screen.

    So far so good. It's just very confusing at times. I'm trying to figure out the cheapest way to start a Gold membership. There's something online that says a month of Gold for $1, but I don't want to have to auto-renew after that not knowing the price. I have seen a 12-month card at Amazon for $35. They need an idiot's guide to this, plus I wish I could plug up my existing HDDs!

    So thanks again for the advice. If anybody knows something REALLY fun to play that isn't too expensive, I'd love to know.

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  • sananda
    Oct 26, 10:12 AM
    Dear God!! I knew I should have picked a better username...

    ha ha!


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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 30, 05:45 PM
    web applications that don't require install of real programs, then I'll grant "mac-users" that one.

    How is a web application not a real program ? It's written in a programming language, it executes instructions based on how the code is compiled/interpreted, and it displays results by processing some user input.

    Sounds like a real program to me.

    Anyway, "installing" a computer program or application is savvy ? Then what does it mean when you compile your applications straight from the source code ? Better yet, write them yourself ?

    Considering that nearly all "Pro IT" overwhelmingly used Windows

    Please, all the guys who are any good at IT are Unix users. "Windows" sysadmins suck. It's a dirty secret and don't tell my boss : I probably know more about Windows than they do. I just don't want to work with it.

    not to mention that "gamers" are one of the most comptuer-savvy consumers

    Laughable. Gamers are good at one thing : Buying parts and jamming them together. It's not like they even come close to understanding what is meant by sub-pixel tessellation and what that means on their screens (or even what a sub-pixel is).

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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 4, 11:43 AM
    But these taxes are historically for funding the construction and upkeep of the highways, not to curb gas usage or to spur efficiency.

    A car that gets 60 mpg will do just as much 'damage' to a road surface as a car that get 8 mpg....but the 50mpg car will pay much, MUCH less for upkeep of that road than the other in a gas-tax based situation.

    A car that is more fuel efficient also likely does less damage to the road as heavier vehicles that do the highest amount of damage as typically consume the most fuel.

    I just don't see the practicality of this tax based on the difficulty in enforcing it.


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  • severe
    Jun 18, 05:45 PM
    It doesn't at the moment. The biggest capacities are 64GB. The standard allows for cards up to 2TB, when they eventually arrive (maybe in 5-10 years).

    I'm thinking your ETA is off.

    Way off.

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  • gingerbreadboy
    Nov 21, 06:27 PM
    first post!

    i'm working on my ph.d. in applied physics and our lab researches thermoelectric materials. there is no known material yet that is 30 % efficient, as the article claims. the most common material used in refrigerators (Bi2Te3) is only ~ 5 % efficient. a lot of money is being poured into this field to increase the efficiency, but so far the enhancement has been incremental. companies like general motors want to use the seebeck effect of thermoelectric materials to convert waste heat in automobiles back into electricity. 60% of the energy generated from gas is wasted as heat. NASA has been using thermoelectrics for years as RTG's to power deep space probes. i'd love one to be in my laptop, but the efficiency is being overstated here. it's suspicious. and the small dT values from the chip to the air would also be small, so very little voltage could be generated. although, i heard a rumor that some companies were looking into powering a liquid metal (InGa) liquid coolant system with the computers own waste heat. who knows.


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  • jimmyjoemccrow
    Dec 28, 11:29 PM
    No, I said and say nothing of the sort. What I said is that it sounds like the Counsumerist talked to a call center employee who didn't know what was actually going on. The Consumerist was not lying, nor was AT&T lying; the call center employee wasn't even lying...s/he was just talking out of his or her ass. Call center employees are underpaid and under-trained, and half the time I think they're just trying to BS their way through the day. It has happened many times before that a low-level employee who is not even close to the loop has said something that has to be walked back by management. Always such things become gospel and remain fodder for conspiracy theorists. This strikes me as one of those cases.

    This was the correct answer on the first page. The thread should have ended there tbh.

    Call Centre staff are given a set of answers to the most common problems that occur and they aren't paid enough to troubleshoot a problem (in fact their performance is usually judged by how many queries they can handle in a day). They will simply give the first answer they can find from their list that sounds like it answers the query.

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  • LastName
    Mar 26, 08:09 PM
    ""They're going to see it all eventually so who cares how they get it." Which seemed to be about web content, said the tipster."

    How can that be interpreted about web content ? :confused:

    A lot of people depend on their Internet porn, I guess.


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  • Millah
    May 2, 03:54 PM
    I don't know if Macrumors just got the labeling mixed up on those cameras, but the camera lens on the right that's inside the phone is the exact same camera sensor that I have in my launch day black iPhone 4. I've taken it apart several times and know that camera well. The one on the left (which MR labeled to be from a black iPhone) is the lens thatnis new to me.

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  • OutThere
    Oct 6, 11:29 AM
    Multiple screen sizes would throw a wrench into the simplicity of apps that fit one form factor.

    I do think there will be potential to include some really awesome OLED screen tech that could increase visual real estate in the iPhone in the next few years, though.


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  • itcheroni
    Apr 10, 04:56 AM
    All right, let me rephrase that: government funds plenty of things, like libraries and parks, that aren't "necessary" but wanted. If you want to keep the argument on the federal level, substitute your own examples, including national parks. (Remember Bush trying to push them towards privatization?)

    If you have a balanced budget, and you suddenly unbalance it with tax cuts, the difference between revenue loss and spending is pretty much a matter of semantics. You had the money, and now you don't. At least when you spend it on a service, you expect to get something for it.

    Maybe one of the problems with House Republicans is that they don't think of tax cuts that they can't afford as spending.

    I was wondering when the rich were screaming about parks. Never mind, it's not important.

    I believe the crucial difference is that you believe when government taxes and spends the money on a service, it's better than not taxing at all. Do you believe in any exceptions to this rule?

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  • andyjslin
    Mar 17, 04:27 AM
    In australia 1.50 per Litre for 95


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  • rdowns
    May 2, 01:22 PM
    I wish this would begin our troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Simply a money pit.

    The fact is, little will likely change. We'll still keep buying cold war era weapons like the F-22.

    Trillions of dollars on all those cold war fighter jets and all we have to show for it is ****ing Top Gun. :D

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  • WiiDSmoker
    Oct 6, 10:11 AM
    I don't think this is going to happen, but a bigger screen would be a very warm welcome.

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  • IngerMan
    Apr 17, 09:14 AM
    My first week of owning my MBA 13, I was going to move my Superdrive while still plugged in. The extremely short cord got me and it fell on my palmrest area leaving a ugly scratch. I had some Novus #2 fine scratch remover for glass and plastic. I used it and it did a good job. It was very obvious before and after 5 minutes of buffing, I really have to search for the spot.

    Oct 26, 03:53 PM

    I have so many Audio editing apps right now for PPC, I'm not too concerned.

    It is slightly alarming about the Intel only....

    But, I'm not gonna sweat it.

    Apr 5, 02:13 PM
    I definitely have to disagree with him. Typing on a touch screen just makes me angry, and that's my primary reason. I can be something like 300%+ more productive on a standard computer than a tablet, period.

    I never understand this kind of thing. It's like someone saying "I can never buy a Honda because it just can't tow all the things I tow on my farm, or drive through deep mud." But then he drives his F350 every day 30 miles and back from home to town to do errands and get groceries getting 12 miles to the gallon. Most people would (and do) get a efficient small car for that sort of thing.

    The fact is, the iPad is mostly a content consumption product. It's REALLY REALLY good at being that. Sure you can get some things done on it, too, but that's clearly not the intent of this design. If you need power to crunch your data and be "300%+ more productive" then sure you need your F350 for the time and place where it's appropriate. The iPad isn't going to fully replace your desktop that you need to earn your living.

    For a lot of people, this means they don't need the super expensive laptop to cover their bases. They can get the cheaper desktop, with more power and bigger screen, and then have an iPad to cover their mobile (and again 90% of the time doing content consumption) needs.

    Jun 25, 09:18 AM
    wow this makes my $499.99 40GB HDD PS3 look like ________ :o
    A mistake? Unless I'm mistaken, when the 40GB PS3 was released, it was $399, and the 80GB version was $499. At least, those were the normal prices when I bought my 40GB.

    Apr 29, 04:27 PM
    I live in Dubai,

    our gas price is for $1.77 per U.S. Gallon and the prices doesn't change for long time (months/years)

    Apr 18, 12:29 PM
    I disagree. Europe has public transportation that is centuries ahead of the USA. Gas is $3.79 here in mid Missouri.

    "Ahead" in what terms? Sure, public transport is used considerably more in Europe than in the US. Reason? Gas prices (oh yes, and the fact that you can't get a parking space in the big cities just makes it more convenient).
    But is the actual infrastructure worse? From a european point of view, that is hard to believe.

    Check out this link for a comparison of transportation prices EU vs. US:

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