Thursday, June 2, 2011

galveston tx beaches

galveston tx beaches. GALVESTON, Texas -- A man is
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  • Marx55
    Oct 17, 04:40 AM
    Apple, please, make it right:

    - Smartphone.
    - Built-in Mac OS X mobile.
    - Wireless

    That will make it the ultimate presentation tool with a huge halo effect on corporate, education and domestic markets:

    1. Make presentation on Mac or PC with Keynote or Powerpoint.

    2. Save the presentation to the iPhone.

    3. Use the iPhone as a wireless computerless presentation remote.

    Wow! More here with great pictures:

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  • shoeshine
    May 27, 11:43 AM
    Just an FYI. I ordered from at the end of last week and never got a beta key. seems as though maybe they aren't giving them out anymore.

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  • francisq
    Mar 26, 04:26 PM
    Just because their demeanor is civil does not mean their exchange is.

    STEVE: Do you have any idea how badly I wanna kill you?
    ERIC: Yes.

    Steve: See this hands? I could kill you with my bare hands right here!!!
    Eric: uh huh..

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  • ChrisA
    Sep 25, 11:03 AM
    The worst "feature" of Aperture is the high computer requirements. It really is a resource hog for not much reason. LR is becoming very similar with far less system specs.

    One NEW feature of 1.5 quoted from web site......

    Run Aperture on any Intel-based Mac. Any desktop, including Mac mini, iMac, and Mac Pro. Or any notebook, including MacBook and MacBook Pro.


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  • yg17
    Feb 22, 12:21 PM
    So basically you pay like this for your phone now:

    1. Minutes
    2. Data on broadband
    3. Power for microcell

    ATT should pay you for this.

    The calls still go through the AT&T network. How do you think a call gets from the Microcell to the person you're calling?

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  • stephenli
    Oct 16, 09:39 PM
    Here's what I'm sick and tired of:

    Give me a break.

    good post! can't stop laughting!!!!
    but it proves how we love Apple products, right?

    btw, give me a Powerbook G5 and video iPod in, please :) (and an iPhone in winter 06!!!!)


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  • ericlewis91
    Nov 11, 09:49 AM
    I can speak mac japanese! WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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  • nagromme
    Apr 19, 09:57 AM
    Whether it ships or not, I hope it’s real and not just an OS hack. I’d like Apple to keep playing with different multitasking UIs. The current version is nice, and those iPad developer gestures are awesome, but it’s worth experimenting to find the best method.

    The Expos� thing is neat, but needs app icons added to the windows.

    I like the new(?) folders—looks like they’d fit 3 icons across, to better match what you see in the folder icons! Hope they keep that system. Or something with 3 across. (Or, if nothing else, have 4 across but show the top-left 3x3 set in the icon.)

    Anyone notice the lip around the edge on the front and back? Maybe will help avoid scratches when dragged on a flat surface.

    Maybe that’s just how it looks in white, with that lighting? The glass may not be inset any more than the existing version—which has black plastic lip in the same place (flush with the glass).


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  • Nermal
    Jun 11, 12:41 PM
    Why on earth did T-Mobile decide to build out a network that was so strange that no one else isues it and basically phones are going to have custom radios in them to work.

    If T-Moblie used more of a stardard frequency, they would be running MILLIONS of iPhones right now even though you can't buy one from T-Mobile.

    Operators need to buy rights to spectrum, and there are practical limits to the number of operators that can use a particular chunk of spectrum. T-Mobile can't use the more "standard" frequencies because they don't have licenses for them, and additional licenses may not be available.

    Of course, if you really want to use an iPhone on T-Mobile, you can get an unlocked one and run it on GSM.

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  • sbrhwkp3
    Nov 2, 09:19 AM
    Hopefully it's more due to people switching over from windows rather than old mac owners buying new macs. Obviously, a person who owns a mac now is going to buy another one eventually. The swtichers are going to help apple in the long run.


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  • AndyGUK
    Sep 26, 12:13 PM
    Except they're not trying to stop anybody "using" those names.

    The letter is opposing a company trade marking not simply using

    1. a generic term .... "podcast ready"...... should everyone who uses this term in future pay a royalty or get a c and d letter from Infostructure Systems Inc?

    2. stop the trade marking of a product deliberately named to cause confusion with someoner else's product.......if Apple didn't oppose this, and the trademark was granted they'd be equally likely to be sued for infringement should they use phrases like "ipodder" or "my ipod" in any product they marketed as they infringe a registered trademark!

    Maybe you should try to trademark the name of an Music Player that comes in grey, brown or blue called an eye-pod or one that plays brass band music from Yorkshire - an Aye-Pod :D

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  • woodsey
    Sep 6, 08:00 AM
    When scrounging through old files on my mac, i stumbled across this strange movie. it is an advertisement for internship at apple, which i downloaded sometime last year.

    Anyway, within this 1.21 min video, there is a few seconds which really stood out. it appears to show the mac os on login, with all the icons and windows falling into place. surely this has something to do with the testing, or development of quartz extreme!

    ive placed a small movie showing exactly what im talking about on my home page

    Anyone know what this could be? is it just a rendered movie, or is it the mac os in action?


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  • apfhex
    Sep 19, 07:12 PM
    but NO, the fans are not loud all the time now, they sound just fine, but after the update (according to temperature monitor) they are about 10 degrees F cooler now at idle
    What do you use to monitor the temps? I haven't found anything that works yet.

    What problems *do* these EFI and SMC updates fix, exactly? BTW, according to the SMC update description, it will update it to 1.7f8, while according to System Profiler I already have that version. Must apply to to the first batch of models only? :confused:

    Edit: firmware update successfully applied, no SMC update in SWU for me.

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  • dscuber9000
    Mar 28, 10:52 AM
    Wow, this is going to over-lap with E3. It'll be a hell of a week. :D


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  • KingYaba
    Mar 15, 06:13 PM
    Most of the foods I buy are domestically grown. I always look for the oranges from Southern Texas because those taste the best.

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  • magicpinkdrink
    Apr 23, 09:10 PM
    I think I'm going to take it in anyways, first chance I get...I just feel like it's too unreliable and what if it happens again and there's an emergency where I need my phone? For what I paid for this thing, I shouldn't be worrying all the time that it will brick itself for no reason with no warning. I'm just concerned that if I take it in and it's working they won't swap it, and the closest Apple store is an hour away.

    And don't worry, I try to back it up once a day or so...yes I am ocd :)


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  • AidenShaw
    Sep 20, 02:37 PM
    Just to I need to reinstall XP now after the EFI update or should the speed be correct now?

    I have a feeling a reinstall is necessary ...
    You should not have to reinstall XP - it should be enough to update the XP driver package with Apple's latest drivers from the dual boot package.

    The only way that you'd need to reinstall would be if Apple made some huge changes in the way the devices configure - so huge that XP is unable to boot using the existing drivers.

    (That's unlikely, but since dual boot is beta software, Apple may have realized that they'd made a huge mistake, and only an incompatible fix was reasonable.)

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  • mdelvecchio
    Apr 19, 11:18 AM
    Anything beats the embarrassment that Apple has in the current iOS.

    how do you mean, specifically? neither me, my gf, or my dad have ever had an opportunity to bemoan this functionality. how does it impair our ability or cause us embarrassment?

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  • BladeJB343
    Apr 20, 06:32 PM
    Multifl0w is one of my favorite, if not my no.1 jailbreak app.

    Here's hoping that the next iOS has Expose built in.

    Oct 10, 05:30 PM
    Intel's line doesn't leave much room for a bump... unless Apple is going to use the Core and Core 2 processors as a product differential. Talk about gay considering the two kinds of chips costs pretty much the same.
    theres almost no difference in processor speed between the MB and MBP now. it would be smart for mini and Mb's to core 2 also since there the same price. but it's hotter and duo works so maybe just MBP tommorrow.

    Mar 24, 07:31 PM
    All sold out in my area. Such a bummer. :(

    Nov 11, 02:55 PM
    But for not doing much Japanese (actually none), I kinda followed along quite well. :D Kinda cool seeing the ads in another language.

    Mar 10, 11:16 PM
    What are the odds one of you Friscoans will post an update around 3:30-4:00ish and let me know what the line (or lack thereof) at Stonebriar is looking like?? Now I'm debating between Willow Bend and Stonebriar...

    I will post updates through out the day. I will be there early


    Mar 11, 12:09 PM
    Willow Bend is at around 50 people.

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