Wednesday, June 1, 2011

shit tattoos

shit tattoos. has some SHIT tattoos.
  • has some SHIT tattoos.

  • ejfontenot
    Mar 11, 10:36 AM
    Chomping at the bit to be at Stonebriar, can't leave here til 4!

    shit tattoos.

  • rtztgue
    Mar 24, 05:48 PM
    just picked mine up. 16gb wifi, this sure takes the edge off of waiting for my ipad 2 to get here in late april. I feel like an addict with a quick fix.

    I am about to open this bad boy up and it will have 4.2.1 anyone know if i should leave it that way, or if I should update to 4.3?

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  • with a portfolio of tattoos

  • Krayzkat
    Apr 22, 08:12 AM
    I'm going to agree with you on this.

    3G --> 3Gs --> 4

    4--> 4s --> 5

    Same update path, but the timing altered by the CDMA production.

    4s in Sept iPhone 5 in June 2012 with LTE. :apple:

    If a new iPhone comes out this year, then next years new iPhone would be the iPhone 6!

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  • About the tattoo shit.

  • KingYaba
    Apr 22, 05:07 PM
    Mac users also are more likely to describe themselves as computer-savvy

    Having run Linux for the past two years, I find this bit hilarious.


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  • Stewie
    Oct 27, 01:23 AM
    Looks great, but there's still no SPAM filter? COME ON! Every e-mail provider on the planet has had this for years. I even have one on my own server, set up in less than an hour. This can't be taking Apple 5 years, can it?

    This is one of the reasons that I don't use the web interface. That along with the fact that you can't set a different reply to address makes it useless to me.

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  • Male Upper Back Tattoo Designs

  • randyharris
    Sep 25, 10:32 PM
    I don't think this will serve Apple any good to stop podcasters from using Pod in the name. It will only create ill-will and lessen the use of Pod which I would think would be a good thing for Apple.


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  • angel of death tattoos. angel

  • Pigumon
    Jun 18, 05:42 PM
    Ok. up to 2TB, currently 64GB... we need this option in all of apple's portable devices!!!!!

    How about an iPhone case that can fit 10- 64GB cards in it. Talk about expansion. Add to that a mini HDMI port.


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  • iMikeT
    Nov 11, 07:44 PM
    These ads are better in Japanese!


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  • FF_productions
    Oct 9, 03:05 PM
    Ah shut up you bastards...

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  • bloodycape
    Apr 24, 02:13 PM
    An 11in model with a little less bezel, a wide gamut matte or anti-glare screen with a min of 350nits, firewire min, sd card slot, and LV i core cpu(don't need much gpu power as the intel 4500hd on my Vaio works with my needs perfectly).


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  • Re: Worst Tattoos ever. Shit

  • Stewie
    Oct 27, 01:23 AM
    Looks great, but there's still no SPAM filter? COME ON! Every e-mail provider on the planet has had this for years. I even have one on my own server, set up in less than an hour. This can't be taking Apple 5 years, can it?

    This is one of the reasons that I don't use the web interface. That along with the fact that you can't set a different reply to address makes it useless to me.

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  • tattoos-gallery. Holy shit

  • addicted44
    Apr 21, 06:31 PM
    When I said "that's about it," it wasn't a negative thing. When it comes to an iPhone, if they made those enhancements, that's plenty to guarantee another year of success. Especially alongside iOS 5.

    If there is any redesign needed, its on the OS side.

    iOS needs:
    1) Better notifications.
    2) Better communication with computers/tablets (the HP idea of syncing the Pre tablet and smartphone by just tapping each other is great. You can already do this on iOS with some 3rd party apps, but Apple implementing it at the OS level would be awesome).
    3) Greater app<->app integration. This really needs to improve, IMO.
    4) Better file management. (Not a Finder, but getting files onto iOS from a computer, etc., should be easier.)
    5) A snazzy new look would also be nice, but not necessary.
    6) RFID. I think this is really low in importance, because it will take a while to rollout (well, at least RFID payments...I love the idea of RFID to wake/sync between devices). At least as far as payments go, it will be better if Apple takes their time and does it right, involving all stakeholders to deliver a complete successful product.


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  • tattoos .. shit im sick of

  • Liquorpuki
    Apr 9, 02:32 PM
    Other organizations do that stuff also. The majority of Planned Parenthood's business is abortions.

    PS don't Planned Parenthood's origins

    First other organizations offer abortions as well. So I'm not sure what your logic is getting at.

    Second PP was not started by the KKK.

    Finally, I don't know if what Abby Johnson is saying is true but if abortions are truly going on at a magnitude that she suggests and PP is illegally funding them, I don't know why she's the only firsthand source.

    I dont know how many of you guys actually have firsthand experience with PP and how many are just doing the keyboard jockey thing but I've been in 3 Planned Parenthood waiting rooms. Those places are always packed with women. It'll be raining and the place won't open for another hour and there will still be a line outside. From looking around, I have never seen any woman there with a late term pregnancy. What I did see were a lot of women - usually from high school to mid-20's, lower income, probably no health insurance. Since my high school days, PP has always been the primary resource for testing and/or contraception. Through their counseling, which is actually pretty effective, it's also one of the best resources to learn how to be sexually responsible.

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  • dslade09
    Mar 11, 12:47 AM
    Very nice capture. This reminds me of the lighting style used in Tron and Tron: Legacy. What might be fun is to drastically reduce your aperture / increase your f-number and do a long exposure shot of it so that it is entirely in focus. I would also center it in the frame but that could just be me.

    That is what I thinking of doing but I do not have a tripod at the moment! That and a remote are on my shopping list of things to get. the reason its in that angle it I was charging the laptop and it would of exposed the charging light in the left. (

    I like how everything is dark except the yellow road stripe and light where cars are passing. Nice shot!


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  • This is my tattoo right after

  • citi
    Apr 5, 11:48 AM
    Originally Posted by Mattsasa
    I don't think apple would go 128gb now.. There launching cloud soon, which is the future.

    How is "cloud" the future if bandwidth is still limited and not available everywhere? Cloud = server, This rebranding needs to stop.

    Plus, it's an ipod touch. It doesn't have cell service so it would still require local storage.

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  • #shit tattoos

  • Potus
    Nov 15, 01:35 PM
    Imagine, hip hop hogs...


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  • cdembek
    Apr 1, 09:39 AM
    Replaced with all crap channels..

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  • gregorsamsa
    Oct 29, 05:49 PM
    It's not going to happen. It would steal sales away from the MacBook Pro, and the cost would be minimal between the two.

    IMO, it's by no means out of the question. After all, even the current 13.3" MacBooks will yet go through a number of significant upgrades in future. At some point, it's likely they'll have dedicated graphics. They just won't be on a par with the MBP's graphics (& other extras!).

    So it's quite feasible, & it needn't affect MBP sales. Overall, it could also significantly increase the number of switchers from PCs!

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  • OreoCookie
    Mar 29, 08:31 AM
    You have to have a standard frame of reference which is a 35mm sensor size.
    That's correct, but you're not using this standard of reference properly: no manufacturer uses effective focal lengths to refer to lenses for dslrs (e. g. it's a 17-55 mm f/2.8 lens and not a 27-88 mm f/2.8 (equiv.) lens), be it a lens tailored for crop lenses or otherwise, but always the physical focal length. I think this is where your misunderstanding lies. This means a full frame lens and a crop lens with the same focal length with produce the same field of view on the same body. A 17-55 mm lens set to 50 mm will produce the same field of view than a nifty fifty on a crop camera (say, a 7D or a 40D).

    Note that very often, this is handled differently on compact cameras where you will often find effective focal lengths rather than actual focal lengths, the reason being that sensor sizes can vary quite widely between models.

    Apr 23, 11:28 AM
    Just saw this thread, so I figured I'd share some knowledge (been gaming for 8 years).

    So the reason why people are avoiding these things like the plague is because they STINK. The Intel chipsets ARE more powerful than the NVIDIA 320M, BUT, that doesn't always equal better performance.

    Game developers usually design games on nvidia chipsets (Hence, "Nvidia: The way it's meant to be played) slogan.
    Although the 3000HD shows better specs, it's been proven to perform worse in game. The reason being that the drivers are total rubbish. Until they can improve the drivers, it's a downgrade. But then again.............who in their right mind would try and game with a laptop!? ;)

    :eek: You're joking right?

    I have always gamed on laptops - M17x, M11x, MBP, VAIO Z... list goes on and on. Add the Air to that list now. The 320M is a very capable chip and it can play many modern games at medium settings smoothly.

    The way you describe laptop chipsets makes you sound like you've only ever tried laptop gaming with a GMA500 :p

    Oct 26, 09:45 PM
    Very, very slick. Only problem is that I can't seem to figure out how to flag something as junk, or modify the buttons/icons at the top to flag/junk, ec messages. Any pointers?

    Sep 21, 11:21 PM
    Correct me if I'm wrong...but, did any of you notice on that site that they gave an A+ rating to the Celeron machine and D & C's to the top 8 in the list? If you click on the colored bar for each system then scroll down the page there is a chart to explain the rating. It's a joke. I wouldn't depend on this site at all.

    Mar 14, 08:57 AM
    I'm picking up a g4 mini in the next couple of days that has been completely wiped clean.
    I don't have any sort of monitor at home and was looking at hooking it up to my Panasonic plasma to set it up from scratch using a DVI - HDMI cable.
    Will I actually be able to see anythiing without having an OS already installed or is it going to be a pointless exercise?

    big samm
    Jan 18, 03:37 PM
    Still no push, it can't be that hard can it? The small devs get push working on their apps no problem..

    Most of the small devs charge us for push notification... Im pretty sure 7iphones out of 10 have facebook installed... Can you imagine pushing notification on all these devices? Plus its free so i can imagine how the server can easely be overloaded

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