Saturday, June 4, 2011

quotes about january

quotes about january. quotes about january
  • quotes about january

  • *LTD*
    Apr 14, 02:00 PM
    I like the mop behind him. Is he the janitor of the data center?


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  • justflie
    Nov 14, 09:21 AM
    Since this is Zune launch day:

    Seeing as apple now has a majority of auto makers making connectivity and now the airline industry is getting on board, this is a major blow to the Zune. Neither cars nor airplanes will come with every connection possible so that any media player can be used. This is a great step for apple and potential apple customers.

    How about a built-in mag safe connector for the airplanes too? :)

    Exactly! How many airlines are going to pony up $X-million to outfit their fleet with the newest proprietary media plug-in? Zilch. They're going to say to M$ and the rest, "Sorry, we just spent our pilots' pensions on ipod connectivity, come back in 3 years and we'll see what we can do..." :D

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  • mcguin2000
    Oct 19, 11:51 AM
    I'll be there. Are they closing beofre 6 and re-opening? Do you think there will be a queue.

    A fortnight of dreams. Leopard the iPhone!

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  • rmwebs
    Mar 25, 12:04 PM
    Kodak, just admit that you royally screwed up and missed the boat when the world went digital, don't try to suck money from the winners by suing them. Why not get the money from customers instead by making products that people actually want to buy.

    They have every right to sue if Apple violated their patent. They invented the technology and decided to protect it, period.

    You'd be royally pissed if Microsoft came out with the mPhone which looked and felt exactly like an iPhone...parents exist for a very good reason.

    The fact that kodak is a dying company is neither here nor there and has no place in this thread.


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  • redeye be
    May 25, 12:20 PM
    Here (, now don't go around saying I never do anything for you :D.

    I was actually going to post that before I even read your request, but I figured for sure someone would beat me to it.
    Darned, shouldn't have asked.
    But thx, You rock dude! :D

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  • Linito
    Dec 4, 01:36 PM
    it's all about power and making the most with that power, most of the electric power of a computer goes to waste in heat dissipation a chip like this would improve a lot computer efficiancy:eek:


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  • PaulieORF
    Mar 28, 08:54 AM
    In my opinion this all but confirms speculation of a late summer or fall release for iOS5 and iPhone 5. I too wish they would announce iOS 5 and iPhone 5 coming within weeks of WWDC, but look at it from developers point of view. Developers will need to be able to work with the SDK, beta software, testing, etc for a minimum of a month (in all likelihood) before Apple will release iOS 5 in it's final rendition to the public. I also doubt Apple would start selling the iPhone 5 before iOS 5 is available. I would say best case scenario is Apple announces both iOS 5 and iPhone 5 at WWDC on June 6, and with an accelerated beta program for developers, releases both iOS 5 and iPhone 5 in mid to late July.

    This is just my view of the situation, and probably means nothing.

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  • bwaltens
    Mar 11, 06:58 AM
    I may get to the southlake store around 1:30-2:30. Its in suburb, but its also kind of a rich area. Do you think I will be good to get a black 32 wifi?


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  • jdechko
    Oct 26, 02:14 PM
    I messed with it for about 5 minutes and it's nowhere near Soundtrack, IMO. Now I'm not an audio or video pro, but I like to do some tinkering. But as someone else stated, Adobe Audition is much more competition to Soundtrack is than SoundBooth.

    Also, this doesn't necessarily need to be a UB. Heck, from what I saw it doesn't really even fill a need with the Intel Macs. Logic and Soundtrack seem to be much better options.

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  • Cheffy Dave
    Apr 14, 01:16 PM
    A good hire, Apple deserves him;)


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  • inkswamp
    Mar 25, 09:27 AM
    Before all you Apple fannies disagree with this; just remember Apple is trying to sue everyone else too.

    It's all ridiculous.

    That's rather a sweeping generalization, isn't it? Sure, many lawsuits over patents are silly but does that mean we should discount the legitimate ones?

    Amen. Some people here act like Kodak has no right to sue. Egads! Apple does it all the time also.

    I don't see a single person on this thread so far saying Kodak has no right to sue, and yet you're third person now to claim people on this site are going to react that way. Where I'm from, that's called a strawman argument and just a thinly veiled way to insult people.

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  • twoodcc
    Apr 17, 10:12 PM
    I have heard of Folding@home at it sounds interesting. I like the idea of helping scientists with their experiments.

    Unfortunately I have two problems with this.

    1) Ultimately where does all this research go? Who is benefitting from it all? I can't help but think that all this research will just enable some multi-billion dollar drug company to come up with some pill that they can patent and make billions of more dollars. I tried reading the faqs of Folding@home, but it does not really say where all this research is going. I am sure the scientists mean well with their research, but ultimately they will not be the ones creating the drugs to cure these diseases. Drug companies will be doing that, and they are strictly profit oriented.

    2) My electricity prices are going up by about 10% so I really don't like the idea of my iMac running 24-7 eating up electricity, and adding to the wear and tear of my system. I'm not sure what the monthly cost would be running Folding@home, but I'm sure it adds up.

    Can anyone here comment on these concerns?

    Well you do have a point. I can't really comment about it, other than that I don't know.

    And yes, electricity costs do add up. But I still believe that it's a good thing to do


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  • wtfk
    Nov 14, 08:08 PM
    They were for it before they were against it. Seems I've heard that somewhere before.

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  • Detlev
    Oct 16, 07:37 PM
    I am willing to be Apple's test market :D


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  • ct2k7
    May 2, 08:33 PM
    Exactly what have they said that they've taken back?

    The woman killed in the incident turned out not to be bin Laden's wife.

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  • Cinch
    Nov 14, 03:22 PM
    8. Couldn't give a toss (aka Ryanair). Like we're going to give you anything.

    Ryanair must be a British com. or others. I never heard of Ryanair.



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  • tbobmccoy
    Mar 23, 01:15 PM
    I don't buy it; Apple offers the Apple TV for $99 which provides AirPlay. I don't think they'll license out the software; Apple has too many negative experiences with licensing out software... :cool:

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  • IntelliUser
    Apr 8, 07:30 AM
    So we're on our way to a government shutdown because the Tea Party Republicans want to kill Planned Parenthood and Big Bird. How ****ing sad.

    Uhm, yeah, there's also the Democrats who could've passed a new budget quite a long time ago, but were afraid of dealing with their own party.

    What's pathetic is the complete lack of common sense between the two parties. They used to know how to work together in the past. Now they can't compromise because of ideological BS. It's a Lose-Lose situation, for the people at least.

    It's time to throw the everyone out.

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  • Waybo
    Mar 17, 11:32 AM
    Master-D said, "Something like this? I would be interested to see your preferred crop. (

    My crop would have been just like this! Very nice!

    Apr 28, 11:27 PM
    Trains win that argument hands down.

    Not hands-down. Trains win if the goods are (1) very high volume, and (2) are going only from station to station. You can't back a train car up to a Best Buy to unload a bunch of big-screen TV's. You still need trucks. With the growth of suburbs and the push westward, things aren't as tightly clustered as they once were; that causes trains to lose a lot of their luster as far as delivery efficiency.

    Still, I get what you're saying.

    Sep 29, 01:12 PM
    10.4.8 is being downloaded as I type!

    Feb 23, 04:15 PM
    Parenting fail. People should learn how to use the device and check if the device has parental controls.

    Truly, parents have become dependent on Uncle Sam to do the parenting work for them....

    Sep 14, 11:19 AM
    We all know MAC can't compete with Hardware, but we have some of the best programs on the market. That is how Steve going to use it for his ads campaign.

    I read article at the other, Apple will never make OS for PC. Check out this article:

    I am not complaining with the speed of the new Powermac, but I wouldn't mind to be faster. Faster is always better.

    With ipod release for PC. Apple will make tons of money. And maybe use that money and invest in developing new Hardware.

    Anybody has a stat. sell of Gateway Profile 4 and Apple imac? I want to see who is winning...

    Nov 11, 06:34 PM
    American Camera? Err.... I don't know any American brand that makes cameras... :rolleyes:


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