Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • JoEw
    Jun 12, 02:54 PM
    I don't understand why T-Mobile is using 700/2100 instead of 2100 up and down. The iPhone and other handsets support 2100 but not 700.

    because the 700 spectrum has theoretical data speeds much higher then the "standard" spectrum.

    my family has been happy with t-mobiles service where we live for over 6 years and there rates are very affordable.

    The only reason i went to ATT is because of the iPhone and if the iphones does come to t-mobile i will be switching back.

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  • WildPalms
    Oct 27, 12:17 AM
    Rock on! Looks awesome. :) :) :)

    1GB storage is way more than enough and all the other features I use regularly.

    Works 100% with Firefox, Safari and Camino on Mac, and IE, Safari and Opera on Windows XP. That covers all my machines ;)

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  • PlaceofDis
    Jan 14, 11:21 PM
    A few people have set up chat for MWSF in ichat. it is called: MWSF08. Simply go to file>Go to chatroom> MWSF08. All 7 of us in the room were wondering if MacRumors could lock this or announce it somehow.

    macrumors has its own IRC channel, fwiw.

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  • longofest
    Nov 6, 09:46 AM
    As I tried to alude to in the article, RFID is incredibly prevalent, though it also encompasses a lot of different technologies.

    For instance, Active UHF RFID (Ultra High Frequency... around 900 MHz) RFID is used in toll-paying systems like EZ-Pass in the U.S. Since these tags have batteries to drive them, they have a limited lifespan, however they can be read reliably at high speeds (30 mph+) at 30 ft.

    Passive UHF RFID, also known as "EPC Gen2" or ISO 18000-6c is used in a ton of applications: Walmart's supply chain, enhanced drivers licenses and some other travel documents (excluding passport booklets). These kind of tags, depending on the antenna and environment, can be read in typical conditions from 15 - 30 ft away, but speeds above 15-20 mph is problematic for getting reliable reads. I worked most with these cards in my last job under contract with the US Government.

    Passive HF RFID (High Frequency... around 12 MHz) RFID is used in credit cards, mass transit ID cards, and many access control badges. They have a very limited reliable read range of only a few centimeters. I've been working more and more with these recently in my current job with a security company.

    The "Near Field Communication" (NFC) that the article talks about is talking about a version of HF RFID that is both passive and active.


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  • Hastings101
    May 5, 08:00 PM
    Umm do not use retail cost of the OS. You need to use the OEM cost. That is 100 bucks.

    Fixed that, with what I think is the correct link. Thanks for the info :)

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jun 1, 09:30 AM
    OK then so...

    Mac Hardware


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  • iPhoneCollector
    Feb 18, 03:03 PM
    About Steve Jobs value at Apple, he did co-found the company and he is credited with turning Apple around and making it what it is today after returning. Does anyone dispute the latter?

    But if that's true, then who will be able to continue to do what Jobs, if and when he'll no longer be with the company?

    And what will happen to Apple without Jobs? Remember what happened the last time he left.

    These are serious questions about Apple and it's future.
    steve jobs is a major key person at apple but i thinks the company has learned its lesson and wont do the same mistake the did last time i.e trying to beat microsoft with the cost of quality and user friendliness

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  • nxent
    Jun 10, 03:34 PM
    hmm, what are the chances of there being prototype iphones linked to tmobile and verizon's networks existing in the 'wild'? i'm assuming that while websites such as MR can tell what kind of device (ie, ipad, imac,etc) is connecting to their servers, there isn't a way a to tell which network it's connecting from (ie, att, verizon, comcast)..?


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  • EspressoLove
    May 27, 03:27 AM
    Anyone know if the video card in MBP 13" will be acceptable. When I saw acceptable I want some what decent performance.

    Acceptable you saw? Sure.
    Who needs to be specific, huh.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 5, 10:07 AM
    Ohh SNAP! Diss on engineers. I feel a bit picked on:(


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  • zapp
    Mar 13, 10:14 AM

    My Verizon iPhone had the incorrect time, when I turn off the "set time automatically" it does correct itself. Kind of frustrated, I do use the iPhone for my alarm clock, and have for the last 4 or so years, it would be nice to be able to trust it to ring when it is expected to.

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  • ranReloaded
    Jun 14, 12:38 PM
    Kudos to MacRumors for the prudent disclaimer of starting the headline with "More analyst speculation..."


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  • appleguy123
    Feb 19, 12:38 PM
    Are you American? If no then you're okay.

    But I am American. :)

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  • slffl
    Apr 5, 09:48 AM
    The xoom tied the iPad? That's a joke! And I say this because yes I have used a xoom. It was a pile of turd.


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  • TopToffee
    Feb 25, 03:33 AM
    It's too bad really, but he doesn't look long for this world. No one that skinny is healthy. My guess is that the last few months have been spent in trying to put some weight on the guy. Chemo therapy cannot be given to someone who is already too weak......
    I hope I'm wrong.

    I'm not far off being that skinny. I eat well, and exercise 4-5 times a week.

    While Jobs undoubtedly has some health issues (none of us know what they are right now - other than the fairly major fact that he has a transplanted liver) but to say no one healthy is that thin is just not true.

    Some people have quite spectacularly high metabolisms

    Mr Jobs has never exactly been a chubber, has he? :P

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  • freeny
    Aug 14, 01:33 PM
    ...if you're selling soap.
    You are wrong.
    Proven by Apples rising market share.;)

    You cant keep saying that these ads are hurting apple if they keep selling more and more computers.
    It makes no sense.:confused:

    I dont find the Apple guy smug at all. I find him very confident and sure of himself.


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  • klaxamazoo
    Apr 12, 12:57 PM
    It looks like using the symbol browser still crashes Microsoft Word. That is a shame. Everything else about Office 2011 has been great.

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  • MovieCutter
    Oct 16, 05:01 PM
    Give me a break.

    More like give me a ******* break

    waiting for the G5 powerbook tuesday comment in,





    I never get to say that, and that is the last time you'll ever hear it from me...:D

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  • jalagl
    Nov 14, 09:31 AM
    Well, the only airline I remember which had seat-back displays for all passengers was WestJet. I just flew United and the smaller planes didn't even have an in-house audio system, let alone video.

    But this is a great idea.

    Most airlines that fly trans-atlantic and pacific have individual displays for everybody. In coach, most of them play the same movies and series over and over, but in business/first, most of the time you can choose what to watch, and even pause/stop the movies.

    Mar 5, 10:03 AM
    Actually you'll get the best performance with the single CPU Mac Pro. Logic doesn't do a good job of multiprocessing. It's beats up one core for most tasks. There is supposedly a way to leverage other cores/cpu's by routing tracks through different buses or something to that effect, but that's a ridiculous solution. I'd really only recommend the multi cpu pro's for those using Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects or if you're doing a lot of encoding.

    On a 2009 Mac Pro single quad, I've had 45+ tracks (combination of audio and virtual instruments) all with multiple plugins running and it doesn't even flinch.

    Apr 8, 12:51 PM
    I say its time we overthrow the republicans and democrats and start a party which is ANTI-CORPORATIONS and is for the people and by the people.. Who's with me?

    And that will last until the new party gets its first corporate donation...

    Not that I'm a cynic.

    And what's with this rhetoric? "overthrow"? Really? And you do realize you just Goodwin-ed this discussion...

    Sep 25, 11:35 AM
    Omg with no laptop updates, I'd like to watch as Apple's laptop sales tumble. Already the Apple Store dropped their MacBook shipping days down to 3-5 days (nobody wants it). :mad:

    Or they're making more :rolleyes:

    Can't wait to see Aperture running on a Macbook. Though I'll definitely go into the Regent St Apple Store to see it running before buying it just incase Apple is being a bit optimistic when it says it 'runs' on a Macbook. It barely run on the Mac Pro I was playing around with at the Store today.

    Anyone know when the stores update their software? Is it done straight away?

    May 2, 01:34 PM
    you are quickly encroaching into wild conspiracy theory territory if you think all these people/sites are making this up.



    Dr Kevorkian94
    Apr 5, 02:06 PM
    i like this idea about the home button, but i would hate to accidentally touch it. maybe u would have to hold it down or something because that is a fatal flaw. i like the idea of it being able to illuminate for messages that would be enough for me to disregard the "fatal flaw".

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