Monday, June 6, 2011

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long hair layers side bangs. long hair layered side bangs. mazola. Sep 5, 03:15 PM. Steve#39;s debuting a new series of quot;I#39;m a Macquot; TV ads :P. layered hairstyles for long hair with side
  • long hair layered side bangs. mazola. Sep 5, 03:15 PM. Steve#39;s debuting a new series of quot;I#39;m a Macquot; TV ads :P. layered hairstyles for long hair with side

  • Snowy_River
    Nov 14, 11:16 AM
    Not legally ... Apple owns the patent to the iPod dock connector. Any commercial or retail use is strictly against Apple patents. Developers pay a small percentage to Apple for every product sold that uses the iPod dock connector. While it has been hacked and many home brew adapter guides have been on the internet, these items are also not for sale. So, I doubt we WILL see such an adapter.

    Of course, what you're implying, but not saying explicitly, is that Apple would never license the dock connector to a product that would be an adaptor to Zune. I'm not so sure that's true. Look at it this way, what's the best way for Apple to make sure that companies don't go putting Zune connectors in their cars and on their airplanes? Allow there to be a way to connect a Zune to an iPod dock connector. It's very magnanimous of Apple, but it means that Zune users will have one more bit of inconvenience compared to iPod users.

    So, I stand by what I said. I believe it will happen... legally.

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  • Dreadnought
    Jun 13, 12:03 PM
    Cool, just what I always wanted for Christmas :p

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  • SFStateStudent
    Apr 12, 12:48 PM
    I still use iWorks more often than MS Office...:cool:

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  • macduke
    Dec 28, 09:16 AM
    Haha, I can already see the next Verizon ad! This is pathetic. Surely Apple has worked out a deal with another carrier for 2010? At least AT&T doesn't completely suck where I work and play. Well, except my mother-in-laws house, which really sucks because what else am I supposed to do there? They don't even have wifi. I should have bought them a router for Christmas.


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  • twoodcc
    Apr 15, 09:14 PM
    i don't think we can do 'pass it on' thing on this forum. but we do need more involvement.

    i know a lot of people on this forum have some very nice computer power. and i'm sure they do use them 24/7 either. we could be a great team. i'm doing all i can already

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 22, 06:58 PM
    Since when did MR allow 12 year old trolls onto the forums? :rolleyes:

    Since Facebook dumbed down the human race. Or at least showed it to the world.


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  • Cheffy Dave
    Apr 14, 01:16 PM
    A good hire, Apple deserves him;)

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  • Sydde
    Apr 4, 01:59 PM
    The Laffer Curve is often referenced, but you're correct about it's actual meaning. Some conservatives have taken the Curve to mean that lowering taxes will always bring about more revenue. Something this article is trying to address.
    Thing about the Laffer curve is that there was/is no research or data to back it up. Arthur Laffer pulled it out of a dark place and scribbled it down on a cocktail napkin. Its actual shape may have no actual correlation to the smooth bell we always see, it is all fiction because no one has tried to demonstrate its validity or accuracy.
    In the short-term, lowering taxes just takes money from the state purse and does not drive new economic development. In the mid-term and long-term, lower taxes may encourage growth, but there's not a direct connection between taxation and economic development.

    I believe I have seen it suggested somewhere that raising taxes puts pressure on business, which may have the effect of stimulating growth by forcing the businesses to make up the lost revenue (ramping up). What effect government policy has on the economy is not clear because the economy is made up of a mass of Brownian particles that move in unpredictable and befuddling ways. And the factors that affect macroeconomics are themselves in constant flux, so the thing that (seemed to) work last time could have a disastrous impact next time around.

    But the issue that troubles me is growth. The health of the economy is always measured by the GDP growth rate: the higher the better. That seems like folly, and history seems to support that. The more vodka, the worse the hangover. The faster you drive, the worse the crash. But even that analogy fails, because economic growth is a multi-faceted sum that can look good but not actually be reflecting positive change if the gains are not in areas that lead to ongoing stability and progress.


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  • alent1234
    Dec 28, 07:15 AM
    the Consumerist was recently bought by Consumer's Union. The "non profit" organization that sells the magazine Consumer's Reports. the same rag that has different testing standards for different products to push the snobby/elite/more expensive ones.

    last year they tested some child car seats differently to say the cheaper ones were deadly

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  • iamartimus
    Apr 5, 01:08 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I have the Bose Sound Dock Portable. No radio on it, BUT THERE's AN APP FOR THAT!


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  • MacRS4
    May 2, 06:16 PM
    Well, for what it's worth, my white iPhone 4 fits the Mophie battery pack exactly the same as my black one does. Can't see any difference either. Well, except one is white.

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  • milo
    Oct 26, 04:12 PM
    now a 2-month old PowerMac is already becoming obsolete.

    I certainly hope you didn't buy a Power Mac two months ago, especially since Apple announced the intel switch over a year ago.

    Classic was supported until what, last year essentially? And the G3 machines up until Leopard? ;) :cool:

    The original G3's were only suppored through 10.2.

    While I wish I could run this on my quad, it makes total sense. They're not "abandoning" anyone since this is a new app, and probably won't have a final version shipping for months. If they're expecting slow adoption of this anyway, why bother doing a version that people will be abandoning as fast as they are adopting?

    While the intel only thing is a negative, I'm very happy to see any new audio apps appear that are alternatives to STP. Soundtrack Pro is a turd and has been since its release what, a year and a half ago? Apple needs to realize that shipping an app that is complete garbage is not acceptable.

    I'd much rather run Sound Forge under parallels than use STP.


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  • Fraaaa
    Apr 21, 04:02 PM
    The only redesign they had to do for the battery is fit it in an enclosure 33% thinner. The charge capacity is the exact same. Just because the processor is more powerful does not mean it uses more power as well. The more powerful a processor, the more the processor can sit idle, saving battery life.

    That's a given. They've changed the internals every single generation of iPhone.

    AT&T roll out begins this year. Full coverage is not a requisite for roll out. Do you honestly think AT&T had full 3G coverage when the iPhone 3G came out? The area where I'm from, Southern Illinois, only got 3G in the past year. Verizon is rolling out LTE there before the end of the year.

    We are apple's home market and their largest one. If you look at iPhone sales, we represent 40% of them, a significant chunk. iPhones represent 50% of their revenue, so domestic iPhone sales represent 20% of Apple's revenue. That's a huge chunk for one product. If they think LTE coverage is good enough and the power draw of an LTE radio is worth it, they'll deploy it.

    LTE will actually bring about greater compliance, as AT&T's and Verizon LTE networks will use the exact same protocol.

    Europe will be using the 800 MHz range for their LTE/4G deployment, so there's not even necessarily a guarantee there will be a one size fits all LTE radio (much like T-mobile and AT&T handsets require different 3G radios despite both being GSM carriers). If that's the case, the deployment of LTE there will be irrelevant as it will necessitate a new radio regardless.

    I see. However, looks like LTE/4G will not a feature for next iteration, and I don't see the urge of adopting it. And if Apple will not adopt it I will do not think that the iPhone4 or the new one to be considered obsolete, or a not innovative because of it.

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  • bella92108
    Apr 1, 12:20 PM
    Umm, no sorry you're way off here. The DirecTV iPad app was developed by DirecTV. Tivo doesn't power D* boxes, the DirecTivo box is still a little ways off.

    You're misunderstanding. It's not a cobranded box that says TiVo, that's coming in the future, but DirecTV outsourced their DVR software development to TiVo years ago....

    "It's official! TiVo and DIRECTV have renewed their partnership"

    They're working on a true Tivo box that'll support directv, whereas in the past it's just been software they've developed as private label for DirecTV... hence the "renewed partnership" wording.


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  • Dreadnought
    Jun 2, 11:46 AM
    That would be nice, a widget that says your laundry is now dry!

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  • David Schmidt
    Jan 2, 09:00 PM
    Is there any user-doable diagnosis for Mac 128K floppy drives?
    So, the disk doesn't drop into either drive? Hmmm. Both could be bad, but that seems kind of unlikely. Any chance there's a disk already in either or both? (They should auto-eject if so, but...) Anything interesting when you stuff a (large) straightened paperclip in the hole?

    Are you certain the external drive is a 400k one? You can identify it with help of this page:

    Starting by dissembling and cleaning the external drive will be easier than pulling apart the Mac 128...


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  • pirateRACE
    Mar 26, 11:16 PM

    STEVE: Do you have any idea how badly I wanna kill you?
    ERIC: Yes.

    Bravo. You are my hero. :D

    Funny thing is... LOST is easier to understand and less secretive at this point!

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  • Mac-Addict
    Oct 26, 05:14 PM
    Just got back from Regents! Scored a t-shirt and got Leopard. I feel bad for the people who didn't realise you could go upstairs and check out.

    Thats what happened to me and Spanky Deluxe! Lol we got in the store and was getting screamed at by the apple staff who were blocking the way to the bottem back of the store so we thought we had to go upstairs :D It was a fun experience!

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  • ExoticFish
    Apr 2, 04:18 PM
    i think it's been cool for the couple of "design" documents i've done with it. i made a fake newspaper and a form for work. i'm happy with it but i'm not trying to do anything too complex either.

    Nov 2, 11:11 AM
    My friend and I had a conversation a few nights ago. He recently switched to Mac.

    friend: i dont like how Mac OS X software is so artsy though

    Mar 17, 07:21 PM
    In response to all the "Recommend Me a Camera/Lens/Editor etc" threads, I offer this. Comments or additions?

    Never Show Your Work To Anyone

    Read Only "Expert Photographer" Blogs, Articles, and Books

    Leave Your Camera On Auto...:eek:...

    Buy A New and More Expensive Camera Because It'll Make Better Pictures

    Spend Too Much Time Mastering Photoshop

    Mine is this: Fixate on one style of photography or subject.

    Original stolen from PIXIQ... (


    I have read that you should find a type of photography that you're good at and stick with it rather than try to be a jack of all trades type. Trying to do sports, weddings and landscape all at once may not be the best idea, for example. They all require different equipment and style of photography. Now, I am barely out of the novice stage (about 7 months into taking photography seriously) so I am hardly able to give expert advice. I haven't figured out what kind of photography I am best at or like doing most. I have noticed I feel a bit intimidated by portrait type photography. I don't have the right equipment for it (flashes, strobes, backdrops, studio...), and I'm not sure I want to go that route. I also don't care for sports in general, so that's not a likely path for me, either.

    At least I mostly haven't suffered from the things you listed above. I kind of did buy an expensive camera to take "better" pictures, but then my P&S was pretty limiting in the kind of pictures I could take with it. It didn't do well with the kind of pictures I wanted to take. I recognize I got it to make the technical aspects better and for the versatility of different lenses. I know it doesn't mean what I take pictures of will necessarily be better.

    I think I'm sucking less than when I started my 365 project. People tell me they like my pictures, so I must be doing something right at least sometimes. This means I'm achieving my goal for my project, which was to be more interested and better at photography. I can't even look at the pictures I took prior to starting it. :) I moved them all off to iPhoto and use Aperture for everything since.

    If anyone wants to comment on how I'm doing so far, and they're bored enough to go through it all, my project set on flickr is here:

    I'll also add one to the list above - Always copy what other photographers do instead of establishing your own style.

    May 1, 03:53 AM
    Watch this:

    They should come easily.

    Aug 14, 10:02 AM
    hah! actors!

    Nov 14, 04:40 PM
    It sounds really nice, but... perhaps someone got out the press release too soon. The Dutch airline KLM, one of the partners mentioned in the article, are apparently not aware of the deal and respond in surprise to the news. They also say Air France, KLM's owner, nows nothing.

    The article, in Dutch:

    (Translation by me. I'm not quite sure if the spokesman means 'now', ie. since the announcement, or 'at the moment', ie someting went wrong at the talks.)

    It's more likely that one part of the airline isn't talking to the other part.

    Also, if figures that anything related to France would surrender first. :D

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