Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • Eraserhead
    Jun 11, 07:15 AM
    Most of the Mac Guides help articles are now in a category called Mac Guides which is a subcategory of (maybe it should be a root category, I'm not sure)

    The following needs adding to that but I can't as I'm not a mod:

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  • Bosunsfate
    Nov 21, 04:43 PM
    Interesting concept, but their website ( scares me away in a hurry. What was that about making a good first impression?

    I find these comments about the website interesting...I guess we care more about a flashy site than a site that just provides the information on what they do in a simple effective way....

    I take it that they are spending their money on developing the chip and not on web design. :p

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  • chmorley
    Sep 13, 08:44 AM
    Originally posted by ewinemiller
    ...and then factor out mhz, this is the list fastest to slowest: PIII-mobile, P4-533mhz bus, PIII-coppermine, G4-quicksilver, G3, PII. Of course with the boosted bus on the new G4s, this ranking may well have changed, but the point is, the P4 is no longer the laggard it was at it's introduction...

    ...I have to believe that Steve and Co. have something interesting up their sleeve because to follow Motorola's plodding updates to the G4 seems like a slow suicide and would be a terrible thing to do to the stockholders and fans of the platform.

    Before I get flamed about how it's worth the performance hit and cost to avoid the PCs reputation for more downtime. I haven't a problem like that since NT4 with sp3 as long as I use a top tier vender like dell. The handful of homegrown machines I've built since then have been notoriously twitchy, but is probably more an indicator of my skills as a system integrator not of the platform in general. Some great, true, and sad points. However, you are comparing old Macs with newer PCs. There are other factors besides processor speed that might be affecting your outcome. In addition, I wonder if the software you're using is optimized for AltiVec.

    Secondly, I agree that NT4 is notoriously stable. Isn't it a bit sad, though, that M$ofties have to use an old OS to get stability. Nonetheless, it is true that Wintel users can have greater speed and great stability on their machines. It's still not OS X, but if you're comfortable in the environment and get get things done (sometimes more) efficiently, why would you buy a new (more expensive) Mac.

    Thirdly, I think Motorola is keeping up with (the bastardaized interpretation of) Mohr's Law over the past year or two. The problem is that somewhere between their speed superiority and today, they lost ground.

    I love Apple, but if they don't find a way to catch up, they're dead in the water.


    p.s., Dell a "top tier" vendor?

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  • glennp
    Sep 25, 10:57 AM
    Um, no it doesn't Fuji S1, S2, S3 RAW Files are not supported. This camera is used by more wedding photographers than any other.

    According to Apple, RAW is supported for the Fuji S2 Pro and Fuji S3 Pro. New in 1.5?


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  • MacMyDay
    Apr 17, 05:08 AM
    What people don't appreciate with Apple's terms is that they are there as a legal document to protect Apple. It is absolutely impossible for them to define every single situation where they would or would not approve an app, and the fact that they've admitted they made a mistake and are willing to accept this application again is only a good thing. Why people are turning around and complaining about this is quite surreal, as if you truly wanted Apple to make it crystal clear and avoid any issues, they'd be no point them having any department at all to reassess any apps and this wouldn't even be a topic.

    In my companies own terms, we have to rules are unlikely to ever occur or just protecting us - but as with most companies, we're flexible enough to change them if a situation comes up. Is that now suddenly a sign of weakness? It's like in politics: if you refuse to change your mind, you're stubborn and difficult, and if you're willing to budge you're weak. You just can't win, but you'll never win when these discussions are read by people who see the first 10 replies all think the said company (regardless of who it is, cos I see it all the time with Microsoft who get painted a horribly bad picture, which I too disagree with) and are saying how awful they are.

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  • DiamondMac
    Apr 14, 12:36 PM
    You ain't kidding. I drive by an Apple Store every morning for work, and there are always the same three Asian college - age students waiting outside 3 hours before opening. I assume they're there everyday hoping a new shipment came in overnight. I'm in the wrong line of work.

    Well, every morning I try to go get iPad a bunch of white people are out there and you know some are selling them on EBay.

    Damn white people


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  • Eduardo1971
    Mar 28, 08:24 AM
    Maybe I'm reading too much into it but it is sad the Mac OS is mentioned after iOS.:(

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  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 12, 05:38 PM
    Anyway, environmentalist or not, what do you think about the Fit's overall city and highway gas mileage? And does it really beat the Prius in overall gas mileage? Toyota also has a very similar small type of car that is totally sexy. To me, small is sexy (but not Smart Car), and I could parallel park easier than my huge SW, and get great gas mileage.

    I have also considered Mazda 3 and Pontiac Vibe.

    Where the Fit excels is its interior volume. It is seriously like the Tardis in its ability to betray its small appearance on the outside with its actual capacity inside. For example, I have filled it with a family of four's luggage and knick-knacks for a week-long trip, with room to spare.

    Mileage is as advertised, mostly high-20's squirting around town, nearer to high-30's with the cruise set for hours at highway speeds. I don't have the knowledge to compare it to the Prius, but I will say that the Fit's interior fit-and-finish, while well-detailed and more than adequate, is "cheaper" than the Prius, and maybe even my old Civic's.

    While it won't win many drag races, it is a fun runabout, as it's probably the shortest wheelbase car I've ever owned. Meaning, it "hops" over bumps and sneezes will put you in the adjacent lane. I haven't driven a Mini Cooper, but I suspect the sensations are similar.

    I'd buy one again in a heartbeat.


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  • Slix
    Apr 19, 03:37 PM
    I wish Expos� would have been in iOS 4. I really don't like the current multitasking option.

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  • rmwebs
    Mar 25, 12:04 PM
    Kodak, just admit that you royally screwed up and missed the boat when the world went digital, don't try to suck money from the winners by suing them. Why not get the money from customers instead by making products that people actually want to buy.

    They have every right to sue if Apple violated their patent. They invented the technology and decided to protect it, period.

    You'd be royally pissed if Microsoft came out with the mPhone which looked and felt exactly like an iPhone...parents exist for a very good reason.

    The fact that kodak is a dying company is neither here nor there and has no place in this thread.


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  • NumeroTen
    Apr 6, 09:21 PM
    Hey guys I'm looking fro website critique and constructive criticism. Site is

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  • NewGenAdam
    Apr 12, 06:08 PM
    All mah customers is scared of you ... you bein' black and all ... so they'all stand in the other line and make my other checker do all the work.

    So's I gots to fire you and hire me more white checkers.

    Yeah. Let's bring back those days ... when America was great. :rolleyes:

    Haha your golden age?

    Really though.

    We can choose not to employ someone born stupid because they'd do a worse job so why can we not also choose not to employ somebody born of a particular ethnicity if they'd do a worse job because of it?

    To clarify, I don't think we should practise racism. Please never quote me out of context. I'm just amused by the logical inconsistency if we accept that ethnicity may play a part in ability (which it probably doesn't, but it's an interesting thought path to follow): then can we choose against someone for it in the same way we choose against somebody born stupid?

    I propose that we should be able to choose who to employ (and everything else) by how well they'd do the job, with one qualification: we cannot choose against them if our reason for doing so would be because discrimination against them would compromise their ability to do a job. Because ethnicity is not an absolute disadvantage; at most it can be argued as a social disadvantage in intolerant, racist countries.

    Not having the 'disadvantage by social discrimination' clause would be implicitly condoning society's discrimination in allowing others to act by its harmful consequences.

    Sorry if my words fell onto the thread all jumbled. I think this makes some sense.


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  • clayj
    Sep 17, 11:11 PM
    I'm huge. :D No one really cares how big YOU are... how big's your iPod? :p

    Myself... I'm packin' Smacky. <10 points to whomever first identifies the reference>

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  • Thomas Veil
    Apr 8, 06:09 AM
    How dumb can a party/movement be?
    Please...don't give them a challenge.


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  • tvguru
    Sep 25, 10:28 AM
    Another event, yet another disappointment.

    Personally all I wanted was iLife integration and from the looks of things I got that. Everything else is just a welcomed bonus.

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  • AppleMc
    Mar 12, 08:23 AM
    I was maybe 300 in a line of 500+ at Willow Bend Mall. Waited 5 hours, got to spot 50 from the door, and they ran out.

    The sad thing was the lack of information being provided by Apple to us waiting in line. There were maybe 150 in line still when they clearly ran out. The line sat unmoving for about 45 minutes when news was finally announced that they ran out. I don't understand why they had us stand there for 45 minutes to tell us they eyes that had no idea how much inventory they had until they were all out.

    The 45 minute stop was when they "assessed their inventory." I agree, they kept us in the dark too long. I was in about the same spot as you, waiting to hear what they had left but knowing it was probably not what I wanted.


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  • edifyingGerbil
    May 6, 10:46 PM
    That article contradicts itself in the title...

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  • Bennieboy�
    Apr 24, 04:30 AM
    why isnt my fah using cpu cycles? i dl's the client and started it in sys prefs

    system prefs? are you using the command line variant? there should be some coding info on F@H for getting it started working via the terminal ;)


    i think this is what your after SMP Guide ( ;)

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  • iBlue
    Dec 18, 11:09 AM
    Well I've not yet appeared in the news. Note that when I talk about the rebellious crowd, I'm referring to more than just you and the peopl in this thread. There has been a total overreaction to it in the news and by 'celebrities' over the country. In any case, that's not irony.
    I haven't noticed but I'm not following it all that closely. Just bought my track and hoped for it to work out.

    I meant it was ironic that the most seriously I've taken this is in talking to you after having said to you that you may be taking it too seriously.

    I sincerely hope not. I'd rather have anything other than a poor metal track being played continually on the radio over the festive period.
    Hey, it can't be worse than Spice Girls and many other ( odd choices.

    Nov 14, 03:15 PM
    What will the future of air travel holds?

    1. Boomless supersonic jet (NYC to LAX in 2.5 hours).
    2. inexpensive jetblue/southwest flight in continent, price point $200 round trip, todays money of course
    3. weight/bag restriction to increase fuel economy-saving us money
    4. packing sardines even tighter allowing more seats (I hope this will not come to pass).
    5. computer/machine pilot (yes, they can handle landing and take-off)--eliminating overpaid pilots and terrorism too
    6. no food service (don't worry no one will starve to death, we are in a middle of a obesity epidemic for god sake)- saving weight and money
    7. reduce flight attendance by at least 50% (no food see above), and add a "useful" security guard to control rowdy passenger - saving us money

    If you can't reduce the weight of a LCD or OLED or whatever screen, don't add it to every seats. I think the future is clear and it looks like it will diverge into two paths. 1) basic travel that allows people to do it more frequently or 2) travel in comfort and pay more thus less frequent travel. I'm not talking about first class travel here.

    Think about it, wouldn't you want to travel anywhere in the US more frequently say 7+ times a year, or 1 or 2 times a year and have all the amenities (meal, iPod, movies and overpaid pilots)?

    Tune in your fear and imagine the possibility with me:D


    8. Couldn't give a toss (aka Ryanair). Like we're going to give you anything.

    9. You can't take that piece of electronics through sir. It could be used by trrrrrroooooiiiisssts [think Team 'merica here].

    Nov 14, 09:39 AM
    i had been expecting something huge like this to come out today... and i'm expecting bigger still...

    Right on! Apple is going to mitigate the media flurry around the Zune. "Brownie, you are doing a heck of a job..."

    how long till somebody makes an adaptor for the zune to make use of the apple dock connector?

    That does get to the heart of the matter doesn't it. The airlines and auto manufactures, and heck the audio industry is not going to want to support multiple interfaces... Will there be a standard? HA! Fat chance. Adapters - maybe. I need the zune to iPod dock port dongle... Wait, I won't need one - I'm a podder.

    Mar 28, 08:21 AM
    Can't wait to see what they announce. It would be nice to see a bigger jump than usual for iOS and hopefully a shipping date for Lion.

    Oct 26, 07:54 PM
    This is really great, just tried it. It is nice and clean, exactly like This will be getting used alot at work on the Windows machine.

    Mar 25, 11:33 AM
    This has to be one of the best deals I've seen. If I didn't insist on having 3G I would return my 3G iPad to AT&T and get his one instead and save $130.

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