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  • derkunstler
    Apr 19, 01:18 PM
    I dont know, when I look at that white iphone. it has that unusual ridge around the edge like so many clones. The black iphone does not have a ridge around its edge. Why would the white one? i don't know, there is so much speculation around this new iphone 5 and the white iphone. Who knows what to believe! :)

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  • ClimbingTheLog
    Oct 12, 04:09 PM
    Laptops just aren't the typical gift. They are in the wrong price range.

    What? Maybe to buy for your cousin, but many parents get their children computers for Christmas. A MacBook is a great gift for a teen-aged child.

    wonder if we might see dedicated graphics for mbs now....:rolleyes:

    Boy I hope not. Unless they can get some cooler silicon off-board, giving up battery life for 12 FPS in Quake just isn't a good bargain for 97% of the market.

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  • snberk103
    Jun 20, 12:51 PM
    The seldom used optical drive is on the back. All the useful stuff is on the front. :D

    +1 That is is kind of "Think Different" Apple should be encouraging!

    Is Apple thinking that SD cards are going to become the new "floppies"?

    Many people who exchange files by 'sneaker net' use CDs, but don't need the capacity of a CD. Plus while rewriteable CDs exist, they are pricey and most people don't use them. Most files are exchanged a barely used CD that then gets shelved and collects dust.

    Imagine if people started exchanging SD cards. .....

    If Apple can create enough demand for cards, then economies of scale will bring prices down as they become a standard commodity.

    As others have mentioned the bigger capacity ones would have all sorts of uses besides the exchange of files. Wow.


    I was just having an "idle speculation moment" when the I wrote this. But since several people took the time to respond....

    Re-writable optical media was only useful when the price of non-rewritable media was still non-trivial. When the cost of an optical disc is $0.10 in bulk at retail, people stopped caring considering how long it took to "erase" the disc for re-use. ...

    Apple is moving towards being a "greener" company. All those nearly blank discs are becoming garbage. Apple may be thinking of pushing people to using a reusable media. Plus.... writing to a CD is not 'minimalist'. Apple makes it easy, but there are several steps involved, and it is not as easy as just dragging and dropping files to another "drive".

    ? Most people use thumb drives not CD Roms. ...

    Yes, except that I usually want my thumb drive back because the cost is not trivial. I did a little research, and the cost per GB of thumb drives vs SD cards in the lower capacity format is slightly higher for thumb drives. I would assume that is because a thumb drive is more substantial (metal plug, metal casing, constructed to stand up to some abuse.) The SD cards I could examine were less substantial. If a factory started churning out 1GB to 4GB SD cards, I think you could bring the cost way down.

    No. Apple has an application called Aperture. Many DSLR cameras for professional users (for example the press) use SD cards to save the picture data. HD camcorders use also SD cards to save the video data.

    Personally, I use Lightroom myself, since it ties into Photoshop so well, and yes - as a professional photographer I have come across the occasional shooter who uses SD cards as well :rolleyes: (he says tongue in cheek) :).

    I was more thinking along the lines of why Apple is suddenly putting SD card readers into several models. They are usually driving new technologies (or ignoring them), not catching up. SD cards have been around for a while now. Why is Apple choosing now to start adding SD card readers. And, in the case of the Mini - on the back. Professional users are not going to use the SD card reader on the back of the Mini (for the most part), they are going to buy a USB SD card reader so that they can use their cards efficiently. At professional rates, saving a minute a card to feed the reader and unload will pay for the USB reader in about a day.

    ... The reasons why most people do not use [SD cards] for the data exchange are that USB flash drives are much cheaper, more robust and nearly every computer has a USB port.

    I don't think USB drives are necessarily cheaper in the small sizes, I did some price shopping - see above for why I think this is so. I agree that every computer has computer a USB port. But that has not stopped Apple before. One of the really big reasons why every computer has a USB port now is that when every computer had a floppy drive, Apple decided it was an old technology and did away with it - before there was an established alternative. USB drives and CD writers picked up the slack, in time.

    I'm just wondering *why* Apple is choosing this time to introduce built in SD card readers.

    The big flaw to my thinking (besides the fact that there is no compelling reason for it ;) ) is that the Mini puts the SD card reader on the back. That is not user friendly. If you are using an Apple keyboard, you can plug your thumb drives into the very accessible USB ports on the keyboard. Or if you are using the Apple displays, you can use those not quite so convenient USB ports. (Apple may say that you can use your Mini with any keyboard and monitor, but obviously they want you to use their own).

    If Apple wanted to make life easy for photographers the SD card reader would have been on the side (front actually, but there was no way Apple was going to clutter up the front) or..... put it into the keyboard in place of a USB port.

    So this is just speculation. Think about where Apple may be taking this in the next few months. Can an SDXC card slot be used like an ExpressCard/34 slot?


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  • NoSmokingBandit
    Jun 14, 05:22 PM
    Funny you should say that, because the company that designed the original 360 (and presumably this new redesign) is also the company that designs stuff for Alienware...

    Lol, thats funny.

    I dont understand why MS would put a huge vent on top of the unit. Dust will clog the fans like crazy, and with the 360's horrid stability record i would be very nervous laying it down flat on my shelf.


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  • maclaptop
    Apr 30, 12:11 PM
    1. Real men ride Harleys.

    And Mac users consider themselves as computer savy, LOL! They prefer a simple OS that a monkey could use. Now that's savy.
    Brilliant and very funny.

    Witness, a phone as easy to use as Android makes Mac people fearful & defensive...yeah, they're tech savvy alright, HEH!

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  • Imbalance
    Oct 26, 05:29 PM
    Well I managed to pickup Leopard & a tshirt from Regent st. It was pretty mad in there. I took some shots with my Nikon + sigma 30mm f1.4 but I've yet to process them.

    It was fun waiting around if only to see the hordes of people and interest in what is... a software update. :rolleyes:


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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jun 1, 10:03 AM
    I've edited the original post. I've changed "Mac Software" to just "Software". Making it more of a hybrid of the previous options.

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  • Snowy_River
    Nov 18, 03:02 PM
    Do you have proof apple ordered the destruction of the products?

    There are a few outlets to get the same products but they are in China.

    Of course not. I was saying that if these were the original parts that were rejected by Apple, then there isn't much wiggle room regarding the fact that they are stolen goods. It is highly unlikely that Apple released these parts for sale. It is much more likely that they were ordered stored or destroyed. Either way, they would now be stolen property.

    Now, if they were from another manufacturer (i.e. a knock-off product), or from a non-Apple production run at Foxconn (though there may be some serious issues there, too, as under contract Apple may own all product coming off certain tools), then the only possible criminal issue would be patent infringement.


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  • igmolinav
    Sep 19, 10:09 PM
    Hi !!!

    I am about to order an ibook. I am running a bit against time because i would like to have the computer as soon as possible for a short course i
    want to take.

    When they say it is shipping within 3-5 days, is it more like three days, or more like five days - I am doing one or two minor upgrades on the original 12" ibook computer. One, with the keyboard from English to Western Spanish; and perhaps upgrade the HD to 60 GB. I�ll also be using the 2-day option for shipping.

    How long do you think it is more likely to take for the computer to be delivered?

    Thank you,

    ignacio "in a rush" molina.

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  • Analog Kid
    Nov 21, 09:24 PM
    Maybe the Power Chips ( website is more welcoming. Seems like similar technology with a larger potential for energy recovery (70-80%). Hard to believe.

    I dunno-- the dolphin speared by a mining pick was a bit unsettling...


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  • carmenodie
    Apr 5, 10:42 AM
    What I find to damn stupid is that all competitors except Apple use Android or Honeycomb. WTF!
    They are comparing ipad to other tablets essentially running the same effing OS.

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  • yg17
    Apr 24, 01:54 PM
    What has Obama really done besides go on vacation for the last few years? How the hell has he raised any bar? Tell me what all he promised to do and then tell me exactly how many of those things he has accomplished so far.


    Replace the **** with a certain 4 letter word that begins with f and rhymes with duck.


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  • Small White Car
    Nov 6, 05:50 AM
    That is like shouting out who, what you are all the time 24/7.

    Oh really?

    The sample I see here shows a way to make a phone's games or videos interact with toys.

    Another example I've read (subway farecard) would tell people that I'm subway rider 25879346 or something. I've also read about using it as a credit card, which would require a PIN number to use. Anyone can currently snap a photo of you handing a card to a cashier, so it's no different from that.

    None of these are shouting out anything about who I am. If you're critisizing something else, you'll have to actually tell me what you're talking about since it hasn't been mentioned here yet.

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  • timmillwood
    Oct 16, 05:31 PM
    I would love to see a 4gb nano phone which qwerty keyboard, 3mp camera, wi-fi and GPS

    iPhone Pro would be a good name


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  • syrianos
    Sep 19, 05:17 PM

    if u use raid, u'll need to have a single disk with osx to boot from to be able to install the EFI firmware update!!

    the progression bar just appeared and i get the ok symbol after reboot, next is the smc update and then switching back to my fast raid :D

    shame though u need to go through all this hastle, really...

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  • Undo Redo
    Apr 24, 08:02 PM
    I'd like to see Apple go back to silver or white keyboards. I couldn't care less about key lighting but don't really like the black keys. Other than that, a gradual increase in speed and features without sacrificing the cool-running aspect of the computer is all I hope for.


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  • gkarris
    Apr 5, 05:05 PM
    Anyways, the 3DS just needs titles. It's a solid portable gaming system with no shortage of GREAT DS games to play on it until 3DS titles start to role in.

    Hopefully, not merely updated N64 titles... ;)

    Yes, even with the 3D off - the games look nice...

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  • wizard
    Apr 5, 10:27 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    If it is real, a nice upgrade in the 128GB. Im not sure about the capacitive home button, I've gotten really use to the physical button on my iPhone.

    This could be the death of the Classic if this is real. Honestly I'd rather that the classic die and a larger screen device replace it. Something in the 5" range hopefully with even more flash storage.

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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 11, 01:22 PM
    What we need to do is GET RID OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE and IRS.. thats what we need to get rid of and bring the jobs back from India.. We also need to take complete control of the banks and corporations - power to the people.. or freedom, something this country does not have at present.

    Apr 3, 12:49 PM
    I couldn't agree more. There has to be a way to implement this. Though, getting the approval from APA, and MLA might be a problem. They want to sell their manuals, and this could, conceivably, cut into their sales.
    EndNote and the like don't seem to have a problem. Just imagine an open XML database of references that could be transformed into different citation and bibliography styles using XSLT with a super friendly front-end that can hide the complexity of XML and XSLT for most people, but still leaves all the flexibility there for those that want it, all integrated into Word.

    But back to Pages... I think this is an example of a really useful word processing feature that would absolutely ruin Pages. As soon as it tries to compete with Word, the product will be doomed. Apple needs to stay true to the conception of simple page layout app with some decent word-processing features. I still think the perfect comparison is to Microsoft Publisher on Windows. I could use something like that on the Mac.

    Apr 20, 03:44 PM
    Try updating windows 7 through windows update. Make sure you have the lastest updates for Windows 7. I had this problem too, but after I updated everything, it worked like a charm. No shutdown issues.

    It worked itself out. I don't remember if I did anything, like updates for Windows 7, or if it was just related to the initial install & a one time occurence.

    Doctor Q
    Sep 23, 06:58 PM
    My personal benchmarking tool is SETI@home (

    I let it rip on my 1.25GHz G4 last night and set a record for the MacRumors team: the "Average CPU time per work unit" was a new low: 5 hr 52 min 11.2 sec.

    I can see that SETI@home made use of the dual processors because my elapsed time (5 hr 10 min per unit) was less than my CPU time!

    Check out the numbers at My member name is (surprise surprise) "Doctor Q".

    Nov 2, 10:12 AM
    I'm convinced that these numbers are not directly attributable to just prior Mac owners now upgrading. For instance, at my sisters Law school last year she was one of about 200 students that were owners of Apple computers. This year, since the Intel switch she has told me there are now at least 30, with new people asking everyday about the advantages of the Mac. The fact that Macs can now run windows programs, which continues to be a necessary evil, is allowing people who would have never otherwise, to purchase a Mac.

    I'm also seeing a great deal more at my local libraries, starbucks, etc. Mac market share is definitely on the rise! As a brief aside, my sister has told me everyone who now owns a Mac at her school has become experts, and looks at persons using PC's as uninformed lemmings, as if that wasn't them just a year ago haha. This is a little bittersweet b/c she and myself appreciated being part of the niche group of enlightened ones, yet wish Apple much success.:)

    Mar 25, 09:06 AM
    i bet they had people there with MBA's from good schools running financial what if's and telling management to avoid digital because they will make less money due to not selling the film or anything other than the camera

    Agreed. BTW: It's a shame how MacRumors has destroyed my perception of first I thought you meant Macbook Air (MBA). LOL...shows where my brain is :rolleyes:

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