Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 21, 12:55 PM
    I suspect the next iPhone, released in June, July, or September will be largely unchanged from the 4. An A5, sure. Maybe higher storage capacities. A "world" model, from what the Verizon exec said. Black or white. That's about it.

    So what do you think it should have?

    Will only a redesign make it a real new phone? I think its great that Apple has had three good designs now. Some build up is necessary, otherwise the public will only look for redesigns and nothing else.

    It will be a new phone with updated specs and maybe the casing. That's all it needs.

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  • skellter
    Mar 28, 09:22 AM
    What do you get for $1,599.00? Free iPad 2, what?

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  • Marx55
    Nov 2, 11:47 AM
    Are the marketshare figures for the USA or Worldwide? It is not the same...

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  • infernohellion
    Nov 11, 08:38 AM
    I wonder why in Thailand it's just a Thai voice-over of the US Version (of Justin Long) commercial. Well, we're pretty much the smallest mac market in the world therefore there's no need for the localized version of Mac... LOL


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  • applefan69
    Mar 28, 01:35 PM
    Im looking forward to the future of iOS.

    If its good enough, I might even unjailbreak, still running 4.2.1 here, Ill miss it though, infinifolder, custom lockscreen, custom sounds.

    Hopefully an iOS 5 Jailbreak will release soon after.

    you realise you contradicted yourself?

    "I hope iOS 5 is good enough that ill unjailbreak"

    "I hope once iOS 5 is out there is a jailbreak soon after"


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  • MacNeXT
    Apr 9, 06:32 PM
    guys, if you really want to make some SERIOUS word-processing, i suggest you to try the LaTeX system :)
    LyX is what i miss most since i switch from linux to mac.

    I agree, I just made the switch. Once you're familiar with LaTeX, which will take some time, you will think anything else (including Word) is crap. I use TeXShop (, which I think is good, but I haven't tried any others.


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  • Nejmann
    Apr 23, 05:51 AM
    1 liter in Denmark Cost 12,72kr that's 46kr for a gallon = 8,95 dollars for a gallon.. and we got the highest car taxes in the world, 180% :/

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  • sbrhwkp3
    Nov 11, 02:05 AM
    Hahah entertaining. That stinks that Justin Long is done though. He was a good fit for these ads.


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  • Haifa Wehbe

  • kuwisdelu
    Apr 12, 07:00 PM
    It seems that most people are not aware of the fact that 30 is large enough sample for almost any population, and that the main challenge is not in increasing the sample size, it's in making it truly random.

    This. You want a simple random sample, a sample size greater than 30, and a population size greater than ten times your sample size.

    As a statistician, it always simultaneously amuses and disappoints me when people say "xxx isn't a large enough sample size!"

    Usually the sample size is completely adequate, and it's only that the sampling technique was flawed. It's extremely difficult to get an unbiased sample when doing a survey.

    By the way, why is everyone saying people in the Midwest don't buy iPads? I live in the Midwest and will be getting an iPad 2 soon. Yes...probably Verizon.

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  • biggrim
    Jan 7, 02:45 AM
    Try going to settings->application settings
    Once the page loads, go to the drop down box and select "allowed to post"
    Find farmville and click edit settings and you can change it there.

    Also, on the news page you can go and click the hide next to any farmville news, then you can select Hide Farmville. This will prevent it from showing up in the news feed.

    Thank you so much for that. Hopefully it'll block it on my iPhone too.


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  • thisisahughes
    Mar 27, 07:37 PM
    jesus where do you live?


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  • -AG-
    Apr 5, 06:33 PM
    I thought they were committed to Thunderbolt and ignoring USB 3.0

    I wish people would actually think before they post sometimes.

    YES this connector has USB3, it also has USB2, Thunderbolt and a pretty white cable too.

    What people fail to realise is that if you own a current gen/future Mac you can use the thunderbolt part of the connection, if you own an older version then it will use the USB2 part. OR if you are using a USB3 compatible PC then you can use their USB3 connection.

    Its actually a quite clever design and means that the iProducts 30pin connector can be relevant for many more years to come.


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  • cgc
    Sep 27, 12:23 PM
    No, no, no! Don't you know, after 10.4.9 Apple has run out of numbers! It'd have to be 10.5.0!


    Couldn't resist...sorry!

    No, not THIS discussion AGAIN. This got a lot of talk at 10.3.9...

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  • hulugu
    Apr 5, 12:28 AM
    Thing about the Laffer curve is that there was/is no research or data to back it up. Arthur Laffer pulled it out of a dark place and scribbled it down on a cocktail napkin. Its actual shape may have no actual correlation to the smooth bell we always see, it is all fiction because no one has tried to demonstrate its validity or accuracy.

    I won't disagree with you.

    I believe I have seen it suggested somewhere that raising taxes puts pressure on business, which may have the effect of stimulating growth by forcing the businesses to make up the lost revenue (ramping up).

    Interesting and just as sensible.

    What effect government policy has on the economy is not clear because the economy is made up of a mass of Brownian particles that move in unpredictable and befuddling ways....

    And, I think this is the money quote; nice use of physics term.


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  • SevenInchScrew
    Jun 17, 06:01 PM
    The systems are now starting to show up in retail today, and some people have posted pictures to give some scale to things. Here is the new 360 between the older 360 and the older PS3. It isn't exactly battling the Wii for smallest console, but it is a decent amount smaller...

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  • NewSc2
    Oct 9, 04:16 PM
    hm, wait, people don't already download movies??

    **hides torrents**


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  • chabig
    Apr 14, 11:56 PM
    Yeah. I don't believe that iPods are prohibited.

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  • willmtaylor
    Apr 5, 09:18 AM
    Anyone have a sub to the CR online that could copy + paste the story for us?

    If this isn't "allowed," my apologies; I'd just like to give it a gander.


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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Feb 19, 09:23 AM
    Isnt Jobs a vegan? Cancer or not, not eating any animal products whatsoever is going to make you quite thin. If for no other reason than most things have animal products thus there just isnt a lot to eat.

    Most things which can (!) make you fat, are natural products which "we" extract from fruits (starch, sugar, and so on), and which "we" use daily in "our" kitchen. It has nothing to do with "animal products".

    Feb 18, 09:08 PM
    Personally, I so wish that was true. But in reality, not all fat persons eat meat, and not all skinny people are vegetarians.

    You can be a vegan and still stuff yourself full with carbonates, sugar and lots of different fats.

    While I agree Steve Jobs don't strike me as a half a** kinda guy. Not a I don't eat meat I just eat bread and cheese vegetarian. Vegans are usually all in. All vegans that I know (and that is not nearly representative sample) are very frail looking. Many of whom looked normal before changing their diet.

    Mar 4, 03:15 AM
    Playing on mine right now :)

    Oct 26, 04:45 PM
    I'm interested in the program, but I can't use it on my Powerbook, uggghhh. Damn you Adobe!

    Sep 25, 10:55 AM
    The site has been updated!

    Good eye! Thanks for the heads up.

    Apr 19, 11:47 AM
    Who cares about Expose. Give me Multi-Touch Gesturing like I have on iPad 2. 4-5 finger swipe accross apps, 4-5 finger swipe up to show the mult-tasking pane; 4-5 finger pinch-close to get to the home screen........What can beat that??????

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