Wednesday, June 1, 2011

gta 4 niko

gta 4 niko. GTA IV protagonist Niko can
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  • roylong
    Dec 1, 11:13 AM
    I can sell you a can of spray paint and some masking covers so you can do the job yourself for about $20 :eek:

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  • taylermatt42146
    Jun 13, 10:11 PM
    Yes, all your purchases, and downloads should be backed up in iTunes. Actually, when I restore my iPod touch it gives me the option to restore from a backup. (that is, if you ever backed up). After running the backup, it's just like it was before.

    If you have never backed up, just click the restore button, then after all is done you should still have an "applications" tab in iTunes which let's you put the apps back on.

    Hope this was some help to you.

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  • ejfontenot
    Mar 9, 02:57 PM
    Stonebriar is on my way home. I work on Preston, live off Preston. See the SB folks about 415!

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  • gta iv niko you pay s

  • Eduardo1971
    Mar 28, 08:37 AM
    after all this hype if iOS 5 is just a small improvement that would be ludicrous.

    How long have you been reading MR?

    Unbelievable hype/expectations and constant disappointment when these expectations don't meet our delusions is what drives this site!


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  • Reach9
    May 2, 11:29 PM favour of spending more on the military (buying new jets in the coming years) and more willing to spend huge amounts on security and the like (~$1 billion spent for security during the Toronto G20 summit)..

    The G20 summit was absolutely pointless, it'll be a year in a few months. Here's hoping for a better next 4 years.. and hopefully the Liberals get their act together and come back.

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  • Niko não é customizável como

  • Sky Blue
    Mar 28, 08:52 AM
    iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps on the App Store will be considered by Apple to receive an Apple Design Award.

    So they are doing Design Awards for Mac Apps this year, but only on the App Store.


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  • Dammit Cubs
    May 3, 12:49 PM
    Seriously, this is what people are complaining about it? Grow up. What a waste of a complaint.

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  • Burnsey
    May 3, 07:18 PM
    They will do a ton of damage in those four years, so get ready. The more I read about them , the more they scare me just as much as our conservatives do.

    Wow- just watched him. He's a real horse's ass. How the hell did you guys elect that fool? I'm even more concerned for you Canadians now.

    Their performance on the economy has been pretty good so far (even though prior to the recession they opposed the very banking regulations that kept Canada in decent shape coming out of the crisis). At the moment the economy seems to be the #1 priority for most people, and I guess a change in government in the middle of a recovery was not what people wanted.

    The conservatives campaigned on "we didn't want an election, we were in the middle of fixing the economy when the other parties decided to call an election, all we ask is for a majority government so that we can go back to work and fix the economy without these distractions". I think that resonated with a lot of people.


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  • redeye be
    Jun 1, 12:25 PM
    I just switched places with glencox on the team ladder.
    The up and down arrows work fine here.

    Dreadnought, could you check the widget with this (-> 97758 <-) user id and tell me if the arrow works?


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  • I picked up GTA4 yesterday.

  • crazzyeddie
    May 1, 10:15 PM


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  • Sydde
    May 2, 07:32 PM
    If I recall, you said the timing of the burial was very fast.

    I should ask, how long does DNA testing take? I was told in February that it takes between 2-5 days.
    I wonder if that might be "banker's hours"? Send a courier to the lab, lab tech does the test and goes home for the night, reading the results in the morning. Who knows what kind of advanced equipment and tech the military has access to. Fly right to the Kabul lab, start the test, fly to the carrier, proceed under the impression that this is him, with the hosing-down, funeral and dumping. A few hours later, confirmation.

    Though I could be wrong. :)

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  • Thomas Veil
    Apr 25, 06:57 PM
    Even better.

    He's been put-down, for a while.That was fast. :p

    As for Trump, I have to agree with mrkramer that he's the male version of Palin.

    And, know he's got a penchant for naming everything after himself, right? How does The United States of Trump grab you?


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  • wsteineker
    May 26, 01:48 AM
    Originally posted by Ryan1524
    i'm just curious about all the people that stated how PCs are troublesome when we're adding hardwares. after i installed XP, i did not even installed any driver and everything was recognized as soon as i plugged them in and working in no time, from keyboards, mouses, to routers, scanners, graphics cards, printers, digital cameras. i had the drivers ready, expecting the onslaught of hardware setup wizard typical of 98, but instead, there's the little pop up box near the system tray that stated that these hardwares have been recognized, drivers installed, and ready for use. and sure enough, they are. as for the hardware incompatibilities, remember that PC hardwares and softwares are made by two different companies, while any apple computers ae assembled and prepared by on company who manufactured both. therefore, they KNOW what their software needs in order for them to work perfectly.
    Ok, here's a nightmare for you just to illustrate the kind of headaches we're talking about. First, let me start by saying that I upgraded my Cube from OS 9.2.2 to OS X 10.1 all the way through 10.2.4 with no problems, and that I recently installed a Pioneer A05 DVD-R/RW in my Quicksilver tower without so much as a hiccup. So on to my Windows XP hell...

    Here's the deal. I was running a Dell with Windows 98 SE, all updates and service packs installed. The system specs were as follows: 1.2 GHz P4, 1 GB RDRAM, 80 GB HD, DVD ROM (all stock) and a Geforce 3 Ti and Sony CDRW (upgrades). Everything was hunky dory, but I was wondering what this new Microsoft OS was about. A buddy of mine is an IT admin and was just RAVING about the thing, so I figured I'd give it a try. His company bought XP on a corporate license (without the hardware registration and activation, and with one token serial for the entire company) so he gave me a copy just to try out. I appreciatively installed it on my machine which well outpaced the recommended minimum config, and got to work. The install crashed twice, but I managed to get past that.

    Once I had successfully installed, I realized that everything was running well. I went to the prefs pane to take care of that Fisher-Price My First Interface (TM), and everything was fantastic. It really was more stable, though not so much so that I never crashed at all. In fact, I still crashed once a day, but that was so much of an improvement over 98 that I didn't complain. The only real problem I had for the better part of a month was that every time something went south the machine asked me if I wished to send an error report to Microsoft. Ugh.

    So things are great for around 3 weeks when all of the sudden my CDR just stops working. Seriously, just like that. I wake up, boot, and BOOM! It's gone. It's not in My Computer, and I can't use it at all. It's visible in the BIOS, and it's obviously drawing power, but XP just decided that it wasn't welcome anymore. I got in touch with Sony after I was unable to find an XP driver on their site, and they told me that XP didn't actually need drivers. They recommended trying the 2000 Pro driver. That didn't work either, so I called Microsoft. They recommended a reformat. To this day they have no idea what went wrong. No service pack has been able to fix this, and it cost me countless hours (on top of those already detailed) to remove the HD, install it as a slave on a 2000 machine (because it was NTFS formatted) and recover my data to 65 individual CDs. What a nightmare.

    My experience may be atypical, but from talking to friends and reading the horror stories here I've come to doubt it. Simply put, XP really is the best OS Microsoft has ever produced (except for 2000 Pro, but we're quibbling). That being said, being a higher grade piece of ***** doesn't count for much. It's still a piece of ***** after all, and it's still got more buggy code than it does functional code. Since I switched to the Mac my life has been simpler. Period. End of story. Even when using OS 9 I never experienced horrors like this. OS X has been a breeze since 10.1 on 3 year old hardware. When was the last time someone could say that about ANY Microsoft OS? Seriously, the only hardware problems I've had at all on my Mac were directly related to bad memory, and that's not the fault of the OS. That's why we bitch and moan about Windows, my friend. That's why. :)

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  • menziep
    Sep 25, 09:57 AM
    If you are capable of understanding German: is reporting "live";) :)

    Says there is iLife Intergration and Plug Ins


    gta 4 niko. GTA iV#39;s Niko Bellic (centre)
  • GTA iV#39;s Niko Bellic (centre)

  • solvs
    Sep 27, 12:18 PM
    ...that developer friend of yours is breaking his agreement with Apple and he should stop.
    I think he was just trying to convince me to sign up. I'm not so sure now. We'll see what happens with this next version.

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  • iZaid
    Oct 27, 03:53 PM
    Who got the sweets and cakes they passed around xD Nice of Apple. Shame they couldnt put barriers up :(

    :rolleyes: i liked the flapjacks and the chocolate, coffee would have been nice.

    apple didnt tell the council early enough, so they couldnt put up barriers.

    where about in the line were you BTW :confused:


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  • bobber205
    Apr 9, 10:09 PM
    The point of PP seems to be to get rid of the consequences

    PP offers a too easy fix to people's indiscretion

    Do a basic examination of # of abortions each year vs how many people visit PP each year.

    Let's get that ratio first from you. That's not even considering PP doesn't do every single abortion.

    gta 4 niko. 4. GTA IV Niko Bellic is a war
  • 4. GTA IV Niko Bellic is a war

  • mad jew
    Sep 17, 11:10 PM
    I'm huge. :D

    Yeah, I know you're only joking around clayj. 'Tis all good. :p

    gta 4 niko. gta 4 niko.
  • gta 4 niko.

  • tuggy
    Apr 9, 04:48 PM
    guys, if you really want to make some SERIOUS word-processing, i suggest you to try the LaTeX system :)
    LyX is what i miss most since i switch from linux to mac.

    Jan 6, 04:02 PM
    Oh, if only we could all be so popular.

    You obviously haven't been introduced to the evils of farmville and similar facebook apps.

    May 1, 09:09 AM
    Somehow, I knew you would reply like you did. Again, I have a job in an actual data center as a systems administrator. Let me tell you, I know the real story. ;) And it's not just my company. Go take a look around and see how many shops use Windows to run their SAP environnements. Their peoplesoft stuff. Heck, just their lowly Oracle installations.

    And who said I was talking about Enterprise Macs ? My Unix boxes cost well over 100k$ a piece.

    Phht...what a cop out dude. Now you're gonna booey unix based on specific software, designed for unix, among specific personal networks of colleagues. You can tell your "real story" to IDC and hope they change their market research methods! :rolleyes:

    Apr 2, 03:05 PM
    I think its a great application, I use it for basic layouts and word processing. Its not quite as good as keynote, but it is still a solid program with only a few things that bother me.

    Apr 5, 12:17 PM
    This is the primary design flaw with the iPad. This tablet can't be the normal person's computer unless every normal person has a tech friend/relative to keep the tablet working/updated. So while Woz is correct that the tablet will be the normal person's computer, Apple's iPad is not yet that tablet.

    What iPad user can't figure out how to use iTunes to sync the thing? My 65-year old mother figured out how to sync her iPod classic. How is iPad syncing any different or more complicated than what people have been doing for a decade? iPad does not require a tech genius - or 12 year old kid - to keep it working.

    Mar 26, 03:54 PM
    Steve Jobs - never changing his clothes. :p
    I can imagine what his wardrobe looks like lol


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