Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • blackburn
    Feb 18, 06:44 PM
    Damn I'm thinner than uncle Steve. I should have died a long time ago:D Better pack my stuff:p

    Looks like everybody wants to kill Steve, guess what? In the next keynote instead of macbooks Steve is going to announce:

    "Once again I'm still a live."

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  • evilgEEk
    Oct 9, 03:05 PM
    I thought Wal-Mart denied these claims?

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  • JCCL
    Apr 19, 02:41 PM
    I don't think this is real. If this was a "prototype" why would it have XX GB on the back. None of the OEM iPhone 4's have any storage indication markings on the outside. So why would the XX be on the case?

    If you ask me, its customized with aftermarket white glass (that you can buy from china, in white, pink, blue, black, green, etc).

    In fact, after looking closer at the video. The back of the case appears to be a shiny or clear-coat plastic, and not glass. Furthermore, there appears to be a separation or gap along the bottom edge of the phone on the back of the device. Supporting that it is a poor seal from an aftermarket replacement of a black iphone 4's glass with a replica white piece. Such a gap would NOT exist if this was released by apple or exist in a prototype.

    The Gizmodo prototype, and every other known prototype of the iPhone 4, had that XX marking in the back. This is not the first time this has appeared.

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  • jefhatfield
    Jun 11, 05:50 AM
    Originally posted by markjs
    I am a confirmed PC user, you might call me a PC biggot because I will defend my PC preference to the death. Primarily I like the PC because of it's gaming ability, combined with internet access, and the fact I could afford it and am able to build and upgrade it myself cheaply while still buying high quality parts. My PC is a modest:

    Athlon XP 1700+
    ECS K7S5A Mainboard
    512MB PC2100
    SB Live Value
    Onboard Lan
    ATI Radeon 8500LE 64MB
    Realtek PCI NIC
    Western Digital 40GB and 20GB 7200RPM ATA 100 hard disks
    Running Windows XP Professional Service pack 1

    What I am getting at by this post, is why are Mac people so biggoted against the PC. Another guy made a post somewhere else about how maybe one in fifteen PC users is anti Mac, but more like one in two Mac users is anti PC. What can a Mac user do that I can't? I do audio and video editing on my PC, I can't think of anything a Mac can do my computer can't (and I'll wager I'll do anything cheaper, and being poor that's a serious consideration to me), and what is the big draw to the Mac. I realize this isn't the best forum for a two sided debate, but I am thowing it out there anyway.

    Note: I really don't want to hear how Windows sucks, because the newest version is very easily useable and quite stable and I personally know at least one person who likes Windows XP as much as OSX and uses both regularly. Granted Win 98 was a steaming pile o' dog doo and so was ME, but since 2K Windows has been very viable. Another thing to consider is that Windows is written to work on hundreds....even thousands of hardware configurations, when Mac OS needs to work on maybe 10.....That itself aquits even Windows 95 rather nicely. Besides I can run Linux or other flavors of Unix on my PC should I choose. My inquiry is about the hardware....why do you love it so much it makes you hate PC's

    PS I know two people who have switched from Mac personally, so it goes both ways.

    it really comes down to preference and today, the computer user has a choice between two stable operating systems...os x and windows xp

    on the mac side, os 9 had its issues of not being able to recover from a crash of an application while windows 2000 had a weak hardware compatibility list and was not always friendly with graphics related/game related software

    there seems to be very little difference between pc hardware and apple hardware...the big issue of why people like macs are in the overall experience of how the mac os interfaces with the user

    in the dark days of windows me and of some versions of windows 95, the mac people really had a point when they said their macs were easier to use

    ps - i will admit that macs are much prettier to look at, but alien pcs and some sony gear comes close to being just as cool as a mac

    still, the pc world doesn't have something quite as sleek and cool as the lcd imac or the cube

    as for laptops, i think macs and pcs are basically the same in looks since the mobile macs are basically either silver or white and very square makes some laptops which look very much like the current ibook...but the fujitsu laptops came out before the ibook, *dual usb icebook design that apple now uses

    i do love my old style clamshell ibook and i miss the fact that apple does not seem to have a playful laptop like that in their line

    i would like to see apple make at least one laptop line and one desktop line with colored plastic again


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  • hans-martijn
    Mar 18, 07:39 AM
    Whats this feature for? I don't know if it was in SL Server but its part of the mail settings and don't know if its for certification or for using apple's mobile me mail service for pushing mail to iOS devices.

    This looks like Push notifications for email will finally work :-)


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  • aegisdesign
    Aug 14, 10:36 AM
    Worst Apple ads ever. You attract more flies with sugar than vinegar, and Apple's all about the vinegar.

    And even more flies with ****. But who wants flies?


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  • Platform
    Oct 26, 06:19 PM
    No PPC version...WOW that was too good though :(

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  • Snowy_River
    Nov 14, 01:31 PM
    Does anyone know if the new Holiday Justin Long commercials will be advertised? If I remember correctly, the Will Ferrell ones were just online and not on any TV. At least not that I saw.

    While I do enjoy debate (not argument) on religion, can we please move it out of this thread? I've created a new one where you can move the discussion to, if you would be so kind:

    Yes, I agree. I'll move over... ;)

    P.S. Is there a moderator out there that could move all the posts over??


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  • Squadleader
    Apr 8, 05:46 PM
    Humans should have the full right to decide over their own bodies, that includes planned parenthood and abortions.

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Aug 20, 05:36 AM
    Maybe this thread can help a little... :)

    Edit: Easily found using the good ol' search function... ;)


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  • mac15
    Feb 29, 10:04 PM
    I just pulled my sim card out of my Motorola T720 and threw into my mums nokia something or other. It works fine, I'm not sure what problems your having

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  • wpotere
    Apr 1, 06:45 AM
    I when to France once before. I remember the cheapest gas had an octane rating of 95 or so, the next level up was 98 octane. I'm assuming that regular in the UK is around 95 octane as well? That tops what get. Our gas starts at 87 octane and tops out at 93 octane for so called premium (about $0.40 per gallon more than regular where I'm at).

    Anyhow, judging by how our gas is priced, it's about 2x what we pay here in the States. You win some (having better cars), you lose some (higher priced gas).

    Octane ratings are calculated differently in Europe than they are here in the USA. MON versus RON and AKI....

    In the USA the number we see is the AKI (Anti Knock Index) and our 93 - 94 is equivalent with Europe 98. Here is a good read on it...

    That being said, I did live in Germany for 4 years and remember paying 9 to 10 dollars a gallon for gas. Most of that was tax, but I didn't mind paynig it because the roads are awesome.


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  • J@ffa
    Oct 26, 12:39 PM
    Got my copy of Leopard and t-shirt! Start queuing about half four, maybe a little after.

    I didn't expect that amount of people� I mean, I figured there'd be a lot of people, but :D. Also, congrats to the Apple store security people for blocking off the fools who started their own alternate queue from the opposite side of the store entrance. The organisation was crappy though. I don't know how many t-shirts there really were, but if anyone from Apple is reading this, next time someone should probably walk down the queue while it's not frantic and hand out numbered tickets for people to show as they go in.

    I can't wait to get home and install it though! The front is so shiny� :O

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  • Applejuiced
    Apr 15, 03:02 PM
    Only if you can get her laptop to broadcast and create a wifi hotspot using the USB sticks internet.


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  • AppleScruff1
    May 5, 01:28 PM
    The real question is why do people still buy Macs (in increasing numbers) in spite of this... hmmm... makes you wonder...

    Because Apple makes good computers and OSX is a good operating system. Unfortunately, many here are too blind to see or admit that Windows also works well for a substantial portion of the world. They are both great os's.

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  • iSee
    Apr 5, 06:10 PM
    As a true believer and a life-long Consumer Reports subscriber (been paying myself since I got my first real job > 20 years ago and before that I read my mother's magazines), I say this:

    CR is "at best mediocre" at evaluating tech. They are like a bunch of really sharp grandpas and grandmas: on traditional things -- things they understand well -- they are superb -- unbeatable, really. Ignore their advice on cars or vacuums at your own risk. You might as well burn money. But they just don't get new technology and don't know how to evaluate it.

    I happen to agree with them this time around, but believe me, it is purely coincidental. Just ignore CU when it comes to tech.


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  • itcheroni
    Apr 4, 05:16 AM
    However, both the OP and citizenzen's posts show that lowering a state's tax rate doesn't guarantee either high-income for its citizens or create high tax receipts.

    This is a common refrain from conservatives who will often reference the Laffer Curve and will argue that if only a state lowered its taxes, more money would become available.

    I wasn't making that argument so I guess I was confused why it was brought up. I've only been making an argument that the article can't conclude cutting taxes resulted in the budget problem. A state may have cut taxes and their economy might not have improved since cutting taxes, but the author of the article needs to fill in the gap and explain why there is a correlation/causation. I propose that you could run a state with some income tax or no income tax if the budget was made competently. So, IMO, cutting taxes does not, in and of itself, mean it has caused a budget shortfall. I personally think cutting taxes does help the economy but that's not what is at issue here.

    I have only a general understanding of the theories those guys you mentioned are famous for. I think Austrian economics make much more sense. A theory of how to get the maximum tax dollars out of the people is irrelevant to me. It's like studying how much blood you can drain from people while keeping them alive. My preferred income tax rate is 0.

    You understand that you're probably unique in your circumstances.

    I wouldn't have believed it 3 years ago but now I can say from experience that anyone can do it if that's what they want to do. It's all a matter of hard work and willingness to live cheaply. The only thing that might tie you down is a family. I live for traveling so I've just worked my life to be able to do what I like. 3 years ago I was a law school dropout with no prospects and a monthly loan repayment of $1100. The highest paying job I qualified for was tutoring.

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  • bmustaf
    Apr 5, 05:59 PM
    Well, the Xoom isn't tied to the carrier. Google uses it (currently, at least) as the reference device for their Honeycomb platform.

    I think iPad 2 and iOS has advantages, but as an Apple supporter myself and user/dev owner, too, I think the hubris in this community is very dangerous.

    The bigger they are, the higher they know how the saying goes. The U2 wasn't untouchable, and neither is the iPad 2. The sooner we get over this idea that there is an inherent superiority anything Apple, I really think the better off Apple and its products and the ecosystem actually will be!

    Ever since Android was released on phones I have been hearing that it "is just a release or two away from being a great OS". The reality is that most Android devices are extremely lucky if they get one upgrade ported to them by their carrier. I'll stick with an iPad2 rather than buying something and hoping that it improves with time.

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  • granex
    Oct 9, 04:03 PM
    Just what can Target say? "If you allow Apple do do something that might cut into out DVD sales we will intentionally sell fewer DVD" Kind of like holding a gun to your head threatening to shoot.

    All we need now is the Target chairman slowly driving around Cupertino in a white Bronco with 200 police cars tailing him.

    Oct 16, 09:35 PM
    The trademark was posted with a "Far Eastern" patent office...hmmmm... That is Japan I believe.

    1) Japan is the only "Far Eastern" nation with an iTunes Store.
    2) Softbank has stated in the past that it was in talks with Apple to become a provider of an "iPhone".
    3) iPhone is critical for Apple sales in Japan as iPod and iTunes sales have been losing out to AU and DoCoMo's music download-to-phone services

    Reason? Japanese people don't like using their credit cards online to buy things. Apple has been pushing pre-paid cards sold at convenience and electronic stores. Softbank is rebranding the Vodafone product in a "Apple fashion" by offering more stylish, intuitive and creative products. Currently when you sign up with Softbank, you get a 4GB iPod Nano.

    Unlike the G5 powerbook, this is not a white elephant. It is going to happen and probably in the next few months.

    Previously Discussed here.
    Apple Reportedly Seals iPhone Deal in Japan (

    Previously Reported here.
    Apple partners with Softbank for iPhone (

    Sep 27, 10:51 AM
    Where does it say that?

    RAW handling in OSX is done by the operating system, so updates to RAW support imply updates to OSX as well.

    Feb 23, 03:45 PM
    oooo high as pos please. was thinking dvd screen shot but it looks pants.

    I chopped the guy out and scaled it up on photoshop to 1920x1200. It doesn't look terrible and you can't really tell there was a person in it. My photoshop skills are a little lacking since I haven't had formal training in about 3 years and am not familiar with all the new stuff it can do. Do you know how I can post a picture on the forum from my computer or do you want to email me? my macrumors name @ gmail

    Apr 5, 03:11 PM
    I definitely have to disagree with him. Typing on a touch screen just makes me angry...

    The average normal person should not be touch typing. Before computers, the majority of homes did not have a typewriter. Most businessman did not have a typewriter on their desk either (their secretaries did), and certainly not a keypunch machine. This keyboard everywhere UI has only been common for 3 decades and hopefully will be gone in a lot less than another 3 decades. The popular tablets (PalmPilot, iPad) are good first steps.

    Apr 11, 06:14 PM
    I paid $3.50 today 87 in NJ. I fill up every three days for work. I get around 27-28 mpg in my 05 Civic Si.

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