Wednesday, June 1, 2011

artworks of fernando amorsolo

artworks of fernando amorsolo. Amorsolo Fernando Cueto
  • Amorsolo Fernando Cueto

  • schatten
    Oct 28, 01:38 AM
    I'm a Gmail fan.. woot. 2.7+GB

    So much for free .Mac in '07. ON TO .Mac '08!

    You can get .Mac for free right now!. All you have to do is work at (or know someone who works at) an Authorized Apple Reseller (eg: Micro Center, Circuit City, etc) they have access to the Apple Sales Training website. If you (or they) complete the .Mac training course, you get a year of .Mac (full version) for free! I've never paid for .Mac & never will.

    artworks of fernando amorsolo. by Fernando Amorsolo
  • by Fernando Amorsolo

  • twoodcc
    Mar 8, 09:36 PM
    thanks for the screenshots! i'm glad that lion server is included in lion. more people will use it, since it comes with lion.

    artworks of fernando amorsolo. talambuhay ni fernando amorso
  • talambuhay ni fernando amorso

  • cdebnil
    Jan 4, 02:38 PM
    Purchased and will try it out tonight. I'll try to make a video review of it in action.

    artworks of fernando amorsolo. Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo
  • Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo

  • Watabou
    Apr 30, 12:08 PM
    I don't see anything in Lion that would warrant that kind of pricing: some minor UI changes and lots of under-the-hood optimizations...sounds a whole lot like Snow Leopard.

    Lion has a lot of new features though. Plus, like previous relases like Tiger and Leopard, they might announce more new features on this year's WWDC.

    I do hope we can get both DVD and the USB stick for those who need it. The dvd drive on my macbook pro is busted so I would be really happy if they do release a USB.


    artworks of fernando amorsolo. of his paintings at the
  • of his paintings at the

  • chrono1081
    Mar 17, 07:51 PM
    In response to all the "Recommend Me a Camera/Lens/Editor etc" threads, I offer this. Comments or additions?

    Never Show Your Work To Anyone

    Read Only "Expert Photographer" Blogs, Articles, and Books

    Leave Your Camera On Auto...:eek:...

    Buy A New and More Expensive Camera Because It'll Make Better Pictures

    Spend Too Much Time Mastering Photoshop

    Mine is this: Fixate on one style of photography or subject.

    Original stolen from PIXIQ... (


    The one in bold is what I see the most. I've done photography for years and see new people get into the game and worry about the wrong things. Photoshop being one of them. Photoshop shouldn't even come to someones mind.

    Learn the camera, learn composition, learn lighting, learn photographic techniques to get what you want such as second curtain sync, hyperfocal distancing, etc. Once you can get it done right in camera then you can take it to the next level in photoshop (skin smoothing, removing hair wisps, correcting lens distortion, etc.).

    Too many people want to be a pro right out of the gate, they buy photoshop, get a NAPP membership, a fancy computer (that is 99% of the time overkill), raid storage when they've only shot 500 pictures, etc but never bother to learn the fundamentals.

    I'm all for learning on Digital, I think it helps someone learn better, but focus on learning the most important and fundamental things first, then learn about the post processing. A picture can still look fantastic without running it through photoshop.

    artworks of fernando amorsolo. painter Fernando Amorsolo
  • painter Fernando Amorsolo

  • p0intblank
    Sep 25, 11:52 AM
    I've had enough of this voting system. Look for a thread on it in the Community Discussion.

    Edit: Make that the Site and Forum Feedback forum...


    artworks of fernando amorsolo. By: Fernando Amorsolo © 1915
  • By: Fernando Amorsolo © 1915

  • simsaladimbamba
    Dec 12, 06:02 AM
    That seams like a great idea! But how can I use the mask and wand tool? Can anyone please teach me?

    Either use the toolbar or the shortcuts to activate the MASK or WAND tool.
    "M" for rectangular or circular masks, "L" for the Lasso tool and "W" for the Wand.

    Or do you mean something else entirely? Have you checked the PSD I attached? Have you checked the plethora of tutorials out there on how to use PS? Have you checked the HELP of PS?


    BTW, "seam" is not the same as "seem".

    artworks of fernando amorsolo. Fernando Amorsolo Images
  • Fernando Amorsolo Images

  • Knowimagination
    Mar 11, 10:01 AM
    Nearing 30 at University.

    Wow I may have to head out there sooner than expected


    artworks of fernando amorsolo. Reviews for fernando amorsolo
  • Reviews for fernando amorsolo

  • farmboy
    Mar 25, 10:08 AM
    Amen. Some people here act like Kodak has no right to sue. Egads! Apple does it all the time also.

    Nobody said they had no right to sue. And, unlike Wiid, I don't think it's ridiculous for anyone to defend their patent rights; some parties have more merit to their cases than others but you don't know until you go through the process. Don't know who wins here, but my guess is minor cash and cross-licensing is in the future.

    artworks of fernando amorsolo. Reviews for fernando amorsolo
  • Reviews for fernando amorsolo

  • sbrhwkp3
    Nov 11, 02:05 AM
    Hahah entertaining. That stinks that Justin Long is done though. He was a good fit for these ads.


    artworks of fernando amorsolo. done by Fernando Amorsolo.
  • done by Fernando Amorsolo.

  • iHerzeleid
    Jan 15, 02:34 AM
    Yes, MacRumors has it's own IRC, but which one? says it's and the post you refferenced is (which doesn't work BTW) the post you linked to was from 2003.

    krono is the server

    macrumorsliveis the channel

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  • only think of paintings of

  • mikes63737
    Jun 19, 09:16 AM
    Something I'd like to see is a rackmount SDXC RAID array. Think how many sd slots would fit in a 1U array. I know, probably won't happen, but still interesting to see.

    Can you imagine taking all of those SD cards out of their blister packaging (


    artworks of fernando amorsolo. Artworks of Filipino masters
  • Artworks of Filipino masters

  • roach
    Mar 23, 10:34 AM
    That's why you can buy that case as an accessory, it holds the iPad upright.

    While I don't think the iPad is a device for schools and serious stuff, it's awesome for when you want to watch a movie in an airplane or bus. In an airplane, you can't use your laptop since there isn't enough space to open it because of the seat in front of you, so the only way you could watch a movie on a plane is either by taking an iPhone/iPod Touch, or using a portable DVD player (yuck!). But if you want a bigger screen, you can get the iPad and it will fit in the 10cm space between your head and the seat in front of you perfectly.

    Watching a movie on a laptop would drain the battery within 1 or 2 hours anyway, while on the iPad you can easily watch 3 movies and still have some battery left (if the 10 hour battery life is true).

    Using case to prop up an iPad has a very limited angle viewing. Just hope the angle available will allow you to view movies from airplane seat to lying on a bed.

    Hate to say it but netbook is a better option. You can't use screen size or cramp keyboards (which is better than iPad's screen thumb input) argument because there are tons out there ranging from 10 inch and up. And they are getting more powerfull (ions).

    artworks of fernando amorsolo. Artists Fernando Amorsolo
  • Artists Fernando Amorsolo

  • edemcgrace
    Mar 26, 10:33 PM
    Neat! I suppose they're talking about their rivalry between womens >.< OMG!

    ^New Issue. LOL


    artworks of fernando amorsolo. Artworks of Filipino masters
  • Artworks of Filipino masters

  • Ryan1524
    May 26, 03:53 PM
    Originally posted by wsteineker
    Ok, here's a nightmare for you just to illustrate the kind of headaches we're talking about. First, let me start by saying that I upgraded my Cube from OS 9.2.2 to OS X 10.1 all the way through 10.2.4 with no problems, and that I recently installed a Pioneer A05 DVD-R/RW in my Quicksilver tower without so much as a hiccup. So on to my Windows XP hell...

    wow. that sounds pretty bad. but i 'think' your experience is isolated, or at least represents only a small portion of XP users, proper XP users.

    let me tell you my story with M$ to give you the idea why i'm quite appreciative of XP.
    i started with 3.1, on to 95, 98, 2000, ME (what were they smoking), etc... i've been living on computers all my life and folowed M$'s development (or lack of - for that matter).
    my nightmares was very evident on 98. nothing worked and i had to do everything manually. good thing i was quite patient and know what i'm doing. but after 2 years of W98-SE on a P3 750, 40GB hdd and 512MB ram and 32MB Riva TNT2 (i'm always a step behind, i'm not made of money.. :p), it's staring to go bad, like a plate of food that slowly rots away. at the end, my computing experience with 98 is as follows: 1 out of 5 boot tries will succeed (not just stuck on the startup screen). 1 out of 5 of those succesfull boot ups wil allow me to use the computer, instead of crashing as soon as i move the mouse, which brings me back to trying to get the computer to start for me.

    i was sick of it and my friend easily talked me into installing XP after i persisted not to for over 3 months since release. i did a clean install after backing up my data and it worked like a charm. it's been two years now and my computer's been doing great, i only have to restart it every month or so, sometimes i can go two months without restarting. but the past couple of months, as the plate's rotting away, i have to restart every 3 days or so. to avoid a system crash. thankfully, it's just a freeze-up and no data is lost during these periodic crashes (knock on wood). other than the 3 day crash thing, it's never given me problems. so i'm quite satisfied. my appreciation might have come from using a better OS after the 98 hell, but i think XP is in itself a good OS, not the best, but good enough. for now at least. :) ;)

    artworks of fernando amorsolo. Paintings of pablo amorsolo - woman bathers history by fernando amorsolo :: ano ano ang akda nifernando amorsolo
  • Paintings of pablo amorsolo - woman bathers history by fernando amorsolo :: ano ano ang akda nifernando amorsolo

  • nuckinfutz
    Sep 15, 05:43 PM
    I've heard reports of WC3 playing well on Macs and playing like crap but this is not a suitable indicator of Computer performance.

    Blizzard is target PC's and in their port they'll optimize somewhat for Macs but it's not as efficient as if if was written for Mac from it's inception.

    Slow performance...your issue is with Blizzard..not Apple.


    artworks of fernando amorsolo. Paintings of pablo amorsolo
  • Paintings of pablo amorsolo

  • netdog
    Oct 27, 03:04 AM
    It's still a ripoff.


    So don't get it. Obviously many agree with you, and many don't, myself included.

    artworks of fernando amorsolo. Fernando Amorsolo portrait of
  • Fernando Amorsolo portrait of

  • fourthtunz
    Nov 4, 04:31 PM
    Wow this is big! I'm not sure but hasn't it been like forever since Mac had 5% marketshare? Over 5% must put them in the top 5 pc makers? Maybe top 3? This is already huge growth, if they get to 10% or more look out!
    The jerks who make viruses for windows will take the time to make them for Mac which would suck:mad:
    Great time for us Mac owners:D

    artworks of fernando amorsolo. Fernando Amorsolo - of
  • Fernando Amorsolo - of

  • KingYaba
    Mar 26, 12:48 PM
    In CT we are taxed I believe 50 cents on every gallon. The problem is that as gas prices rise people buy less of it and the taxes dry up.

    It stands to reason that people would drive less. So the projected mileage tax revenue wouldn't be what they say and the already in-place gasoline tax would be less useful because people are driving less. Privacy issues aside, this is a dumb idea. Politically speaking you're not going to win many hearts and minds by taxing the lower and middle classes like this.

    Mar 19, 05:13 PM
    $20 discount? BFD!

    That doesn't impress anybody, much less educators.

    For buying 10, the discount should be $100 per unit. Buy 100, $125 off per unit.

    May 2, 03:39 PM
    thicker thinner, is it really worth front page news? let us have news of obama bin ladens death!

    Apr 24, 05:08 PM
    Hasn't this worked since the conception of SBS? Which is 2.x AFAICR.

    Apr 6, 07:37 AM
    I support increasing gas tax 1�/month

    Oh, dream time?

    I support a return to paying a $1 per annum honorarium to political office holders. :rolleyes:

    Mar 24, 08:45 AM
    Steve doesn't own the company,the stock holders do.

    I think Steve would take issue with that statement.


    And don't get me started on whether those poor soldiers are defending their country or providing protection for oil company 'activities'. Under any circumstances, they do deserve gear that 'works'.

    I support veterans and families, they risk their lives and the government screws them over, but I cannot condone the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    I nearly threw up when I heard General Jay Garner triumphantly announcing, "Ladies and gentlemen, we're in the oil business," the day before he was replaced by a civilian administrator.

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