Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shazahn Padamsee%27s confiden

Shazahn Padamsee%27s confiden

This royal wedding is Britain's Marie Antoinette moment - Filmygoss
Hundreds of thousands of jobs are being cut, services slashed, £18m taken from the welfare budget, university fees in crisis, consumer confidence plunging. This week I went to Barclays' annual meeting to watch another monarch, ...
What should Sonam Kapoor wear to Cannes? | PINKVILLA
But I hope she carries herself with confidence with the signature smile of hers. Heres wishing her good luck! Here are some of Sonam's best looks in Indian and western. Please share your thoughts. Sonam Kapoor in western. All tags: .... i just hope she doesnt become like PC, ARB et al and become someone else when they get to foreign land... sonam kapoor is fab as she is and needs to keep her style inc accent to wow at the Cannes. Sat, 2011-04-30 12:27 â€" Anonymous ...

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