Sunday, May 1, 2011

Namitha Kapoor In Love College 1

Namitha Kapoor In Love College 1

Full Tollywood: Young Hero unhappy with arranged marriage!
All of the sudden media sources in Kollywood are reporting that Karthi is marrying Ranjani, a gold medalist from Stella Maris College in Chennai only by the force of his parents as he is actually still in love with Tamanna. ...
CelebNews: Prince Harry: Chillin' with Pippa and Chelsy
Sunday, May 1, 2011 ... But Harry also had another gorgeous woman to attend to- bride Kate Middleton's beautiful sister/maid of honor Pippa. Of course the media would love to see something spark up between Harry and Pippa, though it seems unlikely since Chelsy appears to have Harry's heart. Enjoy the pictures of Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton and Chelsy Davy at the Royal Wedding (April 29). gossipcenter/Photo Credit: Getty Images ...

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