Sunday, May 1, 2011

australian wildlife pictures 2

australian wildlife pictures 2

Continued Adventures of an Armenian: Thailand into Malaysia and Borneo
Small Australian Hunchback Bear!!!!! Kuala Lumpur was a lovely place. I'd really recommend it. It's clean and has a great transport network, the skytrain. I found an Olympic size pool where I went swimming every day (both) and only about £ 0.80 to get ... I too many photos but it's dificult to get good wildlife pics with an instant camera. Here is a list of the animals we saw at daytime compiled by our guides. As you can see it includes Gibbons, Orangutans, Maccaques etc. ...
101 Things in 1001 Days: where to see wildlife in australia
You may also catch a glimpse of Australian camels on the side of the road. We did, but we couldn't convince our bus driver to stop to allow us to take pictures of them. There's actually a company that offers camel-riding tours of the ...

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